NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto-)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules, which accelerate her customers’ innovations and hence contributes to a more sustainable, healthy and future-proof world.

As a first-tier systems supplier, we focus on companies active in markets with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity, such as the semi-conductor, life sciences and digital printing markets, in which precision and manoeuvrability are paramount. NTS excels in these disciplines, advising and assisting customers in the realization of their objectives throughout the machine's entire lifecycle.

 Some facts

  • Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • More than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry
  • More than 1.700 employees
  • More than € 250 million turnover

 Our colleagues play a pivotal role in the success of NTS. They truly make the difference for our customers by developing, manufacturing and assembling complex (opto-) mechatronic systems and modules with tremendous expertise and knowledge, passion for technology, ambition and pride. You will start your career at one of the leading first-tier suppliers in high-tech. You are passionate about and committed to your specialization, just like our other colleagues. In return for your passion and enthusiasm, we will provide you with chances and opportunities to grow further in your career. You like to work on projects which contribute to the technology of the future. You are motivated to take professional and competence oriented courses, in order to keep developing your knowledge and skills in the field of innovation, creativity, talent development and entrepreneurship. We make sure to connect challenging projects and activities to your knowledge and competences in the best possible way. That’s how we accelerate the future for you and our customers.


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