we are metics

We are the engineers for your ideas. We transform ideas, into a reality. We stand for progressive technology, knowledge and solutions. We are here to add value to your products and to create an impact on your users.


Our mission is to ensure that we are the number one engineers of choice to bring ideas to life through meaningful innovations and then manufacture according to automated processes to ensure the highest possible quality at the best price.


By making an impact on the end user, we aim to be the most favored engineers for any electronic product.

Core values

At Metics, the solution to the idea is central. We achieve this together. With knowledge and innovation, we guarantee the certainty of the best solution.

Courage: If you always do the same, you will not get ahead. We are capable of thinking "out of the box" and coming up with creative solutions.

Trust: Trust in what we do and what we stand for. We are your favorite engineers, you can rely on that.

Drive: Driven to make an impact on the world together through meaningful innovations.

Quality: Where other companies stop at the golden edges, we continue. We DO place those golden edges, because we want to make an impact on the end user.