Internship Assignment (Bachelor / Master)

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Dialog Semiconductor (a Renesas Company) provides highly integrated standard and custom mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), optimized for smartphone, computing, IoT, LED solid state lighting and smart home applications. Dialog brings decades of experience to the rapid development of ICs while providing flexible and dynamic support, world-class innovation and the assurance of dealing with an established business partner.

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Internship Assignment (Bachelor / Master)

  • Posted at Apr 7, 2022
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Dialog is a world leader in providing low-power, advanced mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs).  From its offices in The Netherlands and Greece, the Connectivity & Audio Business Unit (BU) organizes the manufacture of ICs at specialized semiconductor factories around the world, using standard CMOS technologies to develop complete modules and system-on-a-chip solutions, with supporting software. Our dynamic and innovative solutions are designed to address the explosive growth of new applications for cordless voice and data communication, focusing on fast growing markets segments including IoT, wearables, gaming, cordless audio by means of innovation in low power connectivity including Bluetooth Low Energy, DECT and more.

Problem statement

Summary: Implement a disassembler in Python for our custom microcontroller

Inside our Bluetooth radio, there is a RISC microcontroller that controls the timing-critical behavior of the radio. The bytecode for this controller is generated using a Python program. To be able to verify the generated binary and/or to comprehend an existing binary, Dialog would like to have a tool that can convert it back into a human-readable format.


  • Create a Python module that converts bytecode into a human-readable description, based on the provided specification.
  • Create a Python program that can read and convert a binary image file, using this module.
  • Bonus tasks:
    • Extend the program to report a timeline of the various actions.
    • Integrate the module into our existing memory-dump tool.


The assignment can be completed in our office in Hengelo, or main office in Den Bosch.

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