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Scintilla Activities

This page shows an overview of future activities. For some activities there is the possibility to sign up on line.

The iCal and RSS feeds can be found on the top of the page.

By signing up for an activity you give permission for the processing of the photos taken during this activity.

Budget plan - GMA

Monday 10 December 2018 20:00, Carré 2K [Bestuur]

On December 10th, 2018, several matters will be discussed on a general meeting. The documents for this general meeting can be found here.

To receive a copy of the documents, please sign up here.

Hot chocolate milk

Wednesday 12 December 2018 12:00, Scintilla Room [Bestuur]

Winter is coming. It is cold outside and inside the lights are turned on. It is the time of Christmas sweaters, snowmen and... hot chocolate milk.
On the 12th of december from 12:00 till 14:00 the board will hand out hot cholate milk with whipped cream next to the Scintilla Room.
So get your cup of hot liquid sweet joy!

Shock Hobby Evening

Wednesday 12 December 2018 19:30, Westzaal [Shock]

Another Hobby Evening is coming soon! This session a new project will be available... A DIY portable soldering iron!


Bökkers clubtour

Friday 14 December 2018 19:30, Metropool Enschede [SCALA]

"AC/DC meets ZZ Top meets The Rolling Stones" is how they describe their music. Get all your friends together and join us for a trip to Metropool. The Bökkers will guarantee a night full of typically Dutch "feesttentmuziek".

Tjot heh bi'j de Bökkers! (See ya at the Bökkers!)

Lunch Lecture -DAMEN

Thursday 20 December 2018 12:45, Carré 2K [LEX]

In this interesting Lunch Lecture,Edward Sciberras(Research Engineer Electrical & Automation,DAMEN), will tell us about how hardware is applied to ship systems in DAMEN and how they see electrical and automomation opportuities in the ship building industries. 

So join us for a captivating lecture nd some FREE LUNCH!!

SCALA christmasdinner

Thursday 20 December 2018 19:00, Educafé [SCALA]

To finish the year with a bang and start the holiday season in the right mood SCALA organizes one of the most beautiful activities of the year: the well known Christmas dinner! Wine will flow like rivers and there will be meat.

The dresscode for this activity is, as usual, formal clothing.

The costs are max €10,-

Save the date!

The New Year Drink

Monday 07 January 2019 16:00, Abscint

Wish each other a happy new year at the first drink of the year 2019!

EEMCS "Oktoberfest"

Thursday 10 January 2019 16:00, Abscint + Mbasement [Bestuur]

October has long passed, but the eagerness for an Octoberfest is still here. This is why the EEMCS associations are filling the gap with an epic Octoberfest... in January.


Vrimibo Scintillae

Friday 11 January 2019 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

Sjaarscio Kart Don't Drink and Drive

Thursday 17 January 2019 17:30, Abscint [Sjaarscie]

Greetings Freshmen and Freshwomen,


The time has finally come: the first Sjaascie activity is coming. Of course the combination of drinking and driving is never encouraged, but for one time only we make an exeption during the Sjaarscie Mario Kart Don’t Drink ’n Drive competition. During this evening you get a change to win most beautiful prizes and eternal fame in Mario Kart.


Are you ready to race? Then, sign-up for this evening quickly!


P.S.: Pizza will be ordered. Send your choice from the list below when signing up:

Pizza Hawaii
Pizza Chicken Supreme
Pizza Tonno
Pizza Deluxe
Pizza Veggi

Vrimibo Scintillae

Friday 08 February 2019 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

Vrimibo Scintillae

Friday 08 March 2019 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

Vrimibo Scintillae

Friday 05 April 2019 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

Vrimibo Scintillae

Friday 03 May 2019 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

47th Batavierenrace interest list

Friday 10 May 2019 13:00, Nijmegen - Enschede [EE Sports]

Do you enjoy running, are you interested to work on your endurance and strength, or would you at least like to represent Scintilla in the world's largest relay race? Then quickly put your name on this interest list!

Woman running on highway

Vrimibo Scintillae

Friday 14 June 2019 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]