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Business profiles

On this page you can find companies that support our association. Not only financial, but they also give insight in trade and industry by organizing lectures, symposia etcetera.

The business profiles are presented in random order.



Solora is de toonaangevende, onafhankelijke O&M dienstverlener voor commerciële dak- en veld PV-installaties in de Benelux en Frankrijk. Solora heeft in zijn beheer meer dan 600 PV-installaties met een totale capaciteit van 300 MWp.   Met O&M-services op maat en diepgaande expertise behaalt Solora een zeer hoge beschikbaarheid van meer dan 99%, wat leidt tot maximaal rendement. Solora werkt volgens best practices en biedt monitoring, preventief en correctief onderhoud aan voor PV installaties in heel Nederland.  Vanuit het Solora kantoor in Hilversum zal een team van eigen servicetechniekers worden aangestuurd om de snelst mogelijke interventietijden te garanderen.


Toegevoegde Waarde

  1. Wij biedden een availability/beschikbaarheid 98% ipv van wat sommige concollegas biedden van 96%. Typische is het availability eigenlijk boven de 99%.
  2. +300MWp portfolio aan O&M services in de Benelux (waarvan 100MW door heel Nederland) aan commerciele klanten (beide dak en veld systemen)
  3. Eigen monitoring system waarin snel kunnen reageren op alarmen, maar ook preventief kunnen aanpakken.
  4. Op maat gemaakte O&M pakketen aanbiedden dat tot 4% meer inkomsten per jaar kan biedden aan het eindklant.
  5. Cumulatief 120 jaar ervaring hebben in solar PV, met kennis aan een breed assortiment van technologien (omvormers, panelen, kabels en montage).
  6. Eigen technici met jaren ervaring en opgeleid zijn in onderhoud van systemen
  7. Werken volgens de best practices van de  Solar Power Europe Quality mark
  8. Recycleren van oude onderdelen (panelen, omvormers, cables, montage)

Click here for the website of Solora.

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Dialog Semiconductor
Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor Introduction


Dialog Semiconductor provides highly integrated standard and custom mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), optimized for smartphone, computing, IoT, LED solid state lighting and smart home applications. Dialog brings decades of experience to the rapid development of ICs while providing flexible and dynamic support, world-class innovation and the assurance of dealing with an established business partner.

With its SmartBond™ solution, Dialog leads the connectivity market offering low power and small sized Bluetooth® low energy solutions, addressing a number of vertical markets including the wearable segment, smart homes, proximity applications and human interface devices. Dialog's SmartBond family provides the route to the easiest to use, most power-friendly Bluetooth low energy connected products on the market.

Website: http://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/bluetooth-low-energy


100 Longwater Avenue
Green Park
Reading RG2 6GP
United Kingdom

Click here for the website of Dialog Semiconductor.

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Salland Engineering
Salland Engineering

About Salland Engineering

 Salland Engineering is an international leading Test Technology & Engineering company specialized in solutions & services that enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their testing.

Salland Engineering is in business since 1992, headquartered in Zwolle – The Netherlands, and operates worldwide.

 We enable our customers to achieve:

  • Lower cost of test;
  • Higher quality and reliability;
  • Improved test floor efficiencies;
  • Faster time to market and yield
  • Streamlined supply chain.

 Our Solutions are delivered via a unique combination of innovative Test Technology and Realization including Instruments, Applications expertise and supply chain & test services. This enables us to provide an optimal solution to our customers who want to improve their test processes.

 Instrument Solutions: We design and manufacture high quality instruments that are used by our customers to upgrade the performance or channel density of their automatic test equipment (ATE) and/or Test & Measurement set-ups. These instruments provide a cost effective means for our customers to extend the throughput and useful life of their ATE investments.

 Test Application Solutions: We provide a wide range of engineering services including test program development and conversions, test program optimization, load board development and failure analysis. We are specialized in mixed signal, RF and High Speed test techniques.

 Supply Chain & Test Services: Besides development capabilities, we have in-house test and analysis equipment to offer chip testing from sample & process qualification up to mid-size volume production-test in Europe. We provide as well Supply Chain services from prototyping, manufacturing up to repair service for advanced measurement solutions.

 Salland Engineering (Europe) B.V.

Boerendanserdijk 39

8024 AE Zwolle

The Netherlands

+31 38 4547702


Click here for the website of Salland Engineering.

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BauWatch Technology Group
BauWatch Technology Group

BouWatch Technology


BouWatch Technology is part of the BouWatch group. As an expert in remote monitoring & control, we are a high-tech organization with a strong focus on R&D and open innovation. We act as BouWatch's R&D and software development department. Our applications are widely used in the fields of public safety, private security, smart industry and large-scale sensor systems.


BouWatch has become a household name for every party that wants to temporarily secure an outdoor location, in the Netherlands and now also in other European countries. Our solutions and our dedicated team of 300+ employees significantly reduce the risk of burglary. In this way, we ensure not only more safety, but also increased efficiency. We are unique because we do everything in-house: in-house production, in-house IT, in-house developers, in-house drivers, in-house ... everything actually. Why we do that? Because the quality of our services must be optimal, outsourcing is therefore not an option. The intention is that our products and associated (SaaS) software become ever smarter. Continuous innovation is very important.


BouWatch is innovative, with room for people with a fresh mind. We provide an environment of co-operation, entrepreneurship, trust, respect and commitment


Working at BouWatch


As part of the team you connect the latest technologies with today's communication needs. A challenging job in which you get to work with distinctive, innovative products and interesting advanced technology. Lots of variety and the opportunity to make a real impact on our domains. You work in an informal atmosphere and you get a lot of freedom to organize and carry out your work as you see fit.


Follow your own ambition


At BouWatch, employees determine their own future in a flat organization. Own initiative, perseverance and personal entrepreneurship are crucial in this. Taking responsibility and converting ideas into action. It's not so much about what you have done in the past, but what you get done as part of our team.


Vacancies / side job


We have a growing number of projects in which the Internet of Things is central, and for which we are looking for engineers who think it is cool to design the presentation to the user in particular. Do you have experience with software development, or do you want to build up that experience, and do you enjoy working in an enthusiastic high-tech team on applications that make the user enthusiastic?

As a technical student it is also fantastic to have a part-time job that matches your studies. In fact, kill two birds with one stone. BouWatch is open to students looking for a part-time job, where we look together at how work and study can be combined well.


Internships / Graduation assignments


BouWatch maintains close ties with universities of technology and high schools. One or more students continuously carry out their project with us. Interns and graduates are an integral part of the team, interacting with fresh ideas and accumulated experience. With a view to open innovation, we are also open to enthusiastic interns and graduates.


Interested in a job, part-time job or internship? Let us know via recruitment@bouwatch.nl or visit our website www.werkenbijbouwatch.nl

Click here for the website of BauWatch Technology Group.

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What we do

Rijkswaterstaat is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. This includes:

The main road network
The Dutch mobility policy serves 2 goals: reliable journey times and better accessibility. By 2020,
motorists travelling in the rush hour must be able to arrive punctually 95% of the time, despite
increased mobility and unexpected congestion. The Dutch economy relies heavily on transport and
logistics, the main economic centres must remain accessible.

The main waterway network
Dry feet, sufficient clean water and reliable and useful information. That is what integrated water
management means to Rijkswaterstaat. The Dutch waterway network is the densest in Europe.
About 6000 kilometers of rivers and canals, many of the latter serving drainage as well as
navigation, form a complex system serving all parts of the country.

The main water systems
The goal is to achieve the most efficient and flexible construction, management and maintenance
of the main water systems in the Netherlands: the major rivers, the coast, the Wadden Sea, the
Southwest Delta, the IJsselmeer region and the North Sea. The Dutch coast protects us from the
sea. That is why it is so important to maintain it properly. Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for this.

Working or internship at Rijkswaterstaat

There are a lot of work opportunities for graduates within Rijkswaterstaat. You can find more
information about these opportunities on our career site and you can follow us on Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We also organise Inhouse activities for students in the last phase
of their study or recent graduates. You can find these activities in our calender.

Do you have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly: campus@rws.nl.

Click here for the website of Rijkswaterstaat.

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ASML is a high-tech company, headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or computer chips. Over 30 years, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations in 16 countries and annual net sales of €14.0 billion in 2020.

 Behind ASML’s innovations are engineers who think ahead. The people who work at our company include some of the most creative minds in physics, electrical engineering, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, computer science and software engineering.
 Because ASML spends more than €2 billion per year on R&D, our teams have the freedom, support and resources to experiment, test and push the boundaries of technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams, listening to and learning from each other.
 If you are passionate about technology and want to be a part of progress, visit www.asml.com/careers

Animation About ASML: https://youtu.be/TsHd0fCzhNg

Video working at ASML: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXpAMguP-vQ



Contact information

De Run 6501

5504 DR, Veldhoven

The Netherlands

tel: +31 40 268 3900




Click here for the website of ASML.

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The world is more and more focusing on a sustainable future and the use of green energy. As a result the need for smart techniques for distribution of electricity will increase. As innovator in the field of substation automation we are proud of our people and the products we develop for a growing number of European distribution network operators. Locamation offers smart solutions for monitoring, measuring and protection of the electricity network. Our competitive advantage is our modular architecture.

We are an award-winning employer who offers a pleasant culture and encourages innovative thinking in a team environment. To strengthen the team spirit we organize various activities like the weekly Friday get-together, the Christmas dinner and the yearly “Bike to your lunch”. Our staff association also organizes activities and of course every team has a budget to have dinner with the team. We are represented in all age categories and the average age is 40. In addition, you will not only work with Dutch colleagues, but also with international colleagues.

We offer challenges in the field of real-time software, hardware and VHDL design, IT security and power engineering. Please contact us for an internship, graduation thesis or a (first) job.

Click here for the website of Locamation.

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Multidisciplinary and groundbreaking projects

When you choose for a job at Witteveen+Bos, you choose for versatility and challenges in multidisciplinary projects. Every year, we complete some 3,000 projects in the fields of infrastructure, water, the environment and construction. In these projects, our aim is to maximise value creation. Our consultancy contains the whole route of planning, design and engineering, contract preparation, guidance on implementation and project management.

What kind of people work at Witteveen+Bos?

Our engineers and consultants have a background in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental sciences, building technology or other technical studies. The field of electrical engineering herein is covered by several themes, like control systems in water treatment plants, energy supply for movable bridges or EMC-studies in power grids.

We expect that our employees are driven to be leading in their field and are willing to invest in their development. We create the conditions for development by offering challenging and various tasks and responsibilities within new and exciting projects. On following this approach, we are able to develop our professionals to excellent experts, project leaders and team workers.

Just graduated employees participate in a special educational program called 'Starterstraject'. In this program, they follow several internal courses, like working in projects and consultancy skills.

Internship, graduation, business course or job

When you would like to meet an ambitious engineering consultancy, then Witteveen+Bos is probably a good place for doing an internship, a graduation assignment or finding a job. Also, every year we organise a business course, dedicated to a specific project of Witteveen+Bos.

Company movie

Company movie of Witteveen+Bos


Click here for the website of Witteveen+Bos.

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We are Voort

The secondment of the best technical professionals of the Netherlands. We ensure progress. By bringing people and companies together. Working together on growth. That is our strength. With a collective of enthusiastic thinkers and go-getters, we help our professionals grow further.

Employed with Voort?
With our personal approach we ensure that you’ll end up with the right client. Tell us your ambitions. What you’re looking for in a job. We’ll find the job that fits your needs. Where you can grow and move forward in your career.

Courses, education reimbursement and advice
You want to keep growing. That’s also our ambition for our professionals. We believe you’re never done learning. Every year you can follow three of our personal/technical courses at the Voort Academy and give your own development a boost. Our professionals also have the opportunity to spend €1250,- a year on their development. And of course you’ll have your own consultant to guide you, and whom you can ask for advice.

Do you want to know more about Voort? Finding out about your options? Or get in contact with one of our consultants in your area? Go to www.voort.com or follow us on social media.

Click here for the website of Voort.

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Ricardo Rail
Ricardo Rail

Ricardo - Delivering Excellence Through Innovation & Technology

Ricardo plc. is a global strategic, technical and environmental consultancy. It is also a specialist niche manufacturer of high performance products. The company employs over 2,900 professional engineers, consultants and scientists who are committed to delivering outstanding projects focused on class-leading innovation in our core product areas of engine, transmission, vehicle, hybrid and electrical systems, environmental forecasting and impact analysis.

Ricardo Rail

Our rail capabilities extend across all key disciplines, from rolling stock, signalling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, safety management and operational planning.

As a global consultancy we offer a range of technical services to the rail market. Within Ricardo Rail in Utrecht almost 200 highly motivated consultants and engineers provide expert advice on purchasing, homologation, maintenance management and performance improvement for trains, trams, metros, rail infrastructure and the interaction between rolling stock and infrastructure.

Through our expert understanding of the industry’s most critical and complex technologies, we provide our clients -  operators, manufacturers, maintenance companies, infrastructure managers, investors and regulators – with specialist support to help reduce risk and improve  performance across every aspect of their operations.

Services for rail clients are usually delivered by either:

  • Ricardo Rail, which focuses on technical consulting, product development and certain unaccredited assurance roles.
  • Ricardo Certification, which is a separate and entirely independent business, provides accredited assurance and certification services.


Do you want to know what it’s like to work with us?


http://rail.ricardo.com  en www.werkenbijricardorail.nl

Ricardo Rail
Ricardo Nederland B.V.
Catharijnesingel 33
P.O. Box 2016
3500 GA  Utrecht
The Netherlands
T          +31 30 7524 700

E          Fabian.peek@ricardo.com

Click here for the website of Ricardo Rail.

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3T electronics & embedded systems
3T is a leading and complete developer of electronics and embedded systems. With a versatile team of 45 employees, we are one of the larger providers in the Netherlands. 3T has offices in Enschede and Eindhoven.

3T develops and supplies custom electronics and embedded systems. These systems and electronics are critical components for our customers' products. We unburden the customer and offer optimum convenience because we can also completely take care of the production and supply. 3T stands for quality, knowledge, continuity and open, clear communication.

Product development
3T is responsible for product development on behalf of its customers. 3T does not have its own products, 3T only produces on order. Due to a great diversity of customers, the assignments vary from precise analog to complex digital systems. Especially the combination of very solid analog electronics and a digital embedded interface can often be found at 3T.

A project team is put together from a pool of engineers for each project, in this way the best team is put together for a project, so that customers benefit optimally from the knowledge available within 3T.

For the engineers, this means a great variety of projects. Working in varying project teams offers the engineer the opportunity to master the extensive knowledge available at 3T and to participate at the highest level.

Vacancies are regularly posted on the 3T website, but open applications will also be carefully examined. There are opportunities for internship and graduation assignments within 3T.

Electronics: complete system design, accurate analog, power electronics, complex digital embedded systems
Firmware/Software: FPGAs, microcontrollers, processors, CPLDs, using e.g. VHDL, C but also (embedded) Linux and LabVIEW for measurement & test systems

Are you interested in a job at 3T, but would you like to take a look around our company first? Please contact us and we will gladly show you around.

Contact us:
Email address: mail@3t.nl
telephone number: 053 433 66 33

3T has set itself the goal of regularly organizing electronics-oriented course afternoons together with Scintilla. These 'courses' are focused on practice and on things that you will not encounter during your studies, but where you will learn a lot.

Click here for the website of 3T.

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About Aces Energy

ACES Energy is a Dutch company specialized in energy storage systems. The organization was founded in 2015 and started developing energy storage systems. The aim was to develop lithium batteries that can replace lead batteries in order to reduce costs for customers and improve performance and thus also contribute to global sustainability issues.

The entire battery development takes place in the Netherlands. This applies to the battery management system as well as to the complete hardware definition.

Delivery program.

Aces Energy now has a line of products. This line consists of standard solutions as well as customer-specific lithium batteries. In addition to battery solutions, we also have a line of chargers for both lead and lithium batteries. More information can be found on the website: 


Added value for customers.

The energy solutions are developed and tested by ourselves in our R&D center in Borne. Our company is knowledge-driven and from that perspective can also think along well in selecting the right solution for customer issues and we create innovative products.


Are you interested in lithium technology or are you looking for an internship or are you looking for an internship, graduation place or a job, please contact us to see which challenge suits you best.

What do we offer.

A place where there is a lot to learn within a highly experienced development team. We have a dynamic working environment where there is room for independence, creativity, innovation and development. Together we work on energy storage solutions for the future.

Contact information:
ACES Energy BV
 Ambachtstraat 36
 7622 AP Borne
 +31 74 7857701

Click here for the website of ACES.

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NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto-)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules, which accelerate her customers’ innovations and hence contributes to a more sustainable, healthy and future-proof world.

As a first-tier systems supplier, we focus on companies active in markets with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity, such as the semi-conductor, life sciences and digital printing markets, in which precision and manoeuvrability are paramount. NTS excels in these disciplines, advising and assisting customers in the realization of their objectives throughout the machine's entire lifecycle.

 Some facts

  • Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • More than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry
  • More than 1.700 employees
  • More than € 250 million turnover

 Our colleagues play a pivotal role in the success of NTS. They truly make the difference for our customers by developing, manufacturing and assembling complex (opto-) mechatronic systems and modules with tremendous expertise and knowledge, passion for technology, ambition and pride. You will start your career at one of the leading first-tier suppliers in high-tech. You are passionate about and committed to your specialization, just like our other colleagues. In return for your passion and enthusiasm, we will provide you with chances and opportunities to grow further in your career. You like to work on projects which contribute to the technology of the future. You are motivated to take professional and competence oriented courses, in order to keep developing your knowledge and skills in the field of innovation, creativity, talent development and entrepreneurship. We make sure to connect challenging projects and activities to your knowledge and competences in the best possible way. That’s how we accelerate the future for you and our customers.


Receive our vacancies and blogs directly in your mailbox keep informed.

Check our latest update of our Competence Team Cleanliness.

Click here for the website of NTS.

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Accenture. New Applied Now.

Start je carrière gelijk goed met een baan bij Accenture. Vanaf de eerste dag leer je veel – en pas je jouw talenten toe bij toonaangevende klanten zoals KLM, Adidas en Mercedes. Samen met andere talenten en ervaren (internationale) professionals werk je aan jouw vaardigheden aan geef je vorm aan je eigen carrière.


Met een gemiddelde leeftijd van 31 jaar biedt Accenture een dynamische werk- en leeromgeving en werk je gezamenlijk aan uitdagende projecten, voor grote klanten en in uiteenlopende sectoren. Zo zie je veel bedrijven van binnen en elk project geeft nieuwe inzichten en kansen voor groei.

Je ontwikkelt en implementeert concepten en strategieën, waardoor klanten beter presteren en flexibel blijven – om zo snel in te kunnen spelen op nieuwe ontwikkelingen en disruptie. Dit doe je nooit alleen: ons wereldwijde netwerk en kennis staan tot je beschikking.


Over Accenture
 Accenture is een wereldwijde organisatie die zich bezighoudt met Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology en Operations. Met meer dan 510.000 collega’s bedienen we klanten in ruim 120 landen. Dus als jij een toekomstige carrière zoekt in het buitenland dan zit je goed! Verspreid over diverse industrieën, gebruiken wij onze expertise om diverse klanten over de hele wereld te helpen met hun toekomstige strategieën.


Dankzij een combinatie van ongeëvenaarde kennis, ervaring over alle industrieën en met diepgaand onderzoek naar ‘s werelds meest succesvolle bedrijven, helpen we klanten met hun uitdagingen en innovaties.

Bij Accenture is jouw persoonlijke ontwikkeling een prioriteit. We bieden je veel mogelijkheden om te leren, te groeien en je expertises verder te ontwikkelen. Dit kan bijvoorbeeld door LinkedIn-trainingen en het volgen van onlinecursussen zoals Growth Hacking. Je zult ongetwijfeld je professionele portfolio uitbreiden. Je persoonlijk door ontwikkelen is iets waar constant aan blijven werken hier bij Accenture. 



Meer informatie 

Geïnteresseerd in Accenture en wil je meer weten over welke mogelijkheden er voor jou zijn bij Accenture? Wij komen graag in met jou in contact!


Kom in contact met een van onze recruiters hier.

Bekijk een van onze vacatures (Stageplek en vaste baan)

Leer ons kennen op een van onze evenementen! 

Voor meer informatie over Accenture, bekijk onze website.

Click here for the website of Accenture.

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Arnold & Siedsma
Arnold & Siedsma

Arnold + Siedsma is a specialist in the legal protection of your intellectual property rights. From the establishment of patents through to the registration and protection of trademarks, designs and other rights. Giving you the complete freedom to make a commercial success of your idea.

‘The first step is to come up with an idea. The second step is to protect it. Effective protection wrong-foots the competition and safeguards your exclusive rights. You then have the prospect of gaining full benefit from your creative efforts’.
We believe in excellence and we achieve this by combining decades of IP experience with youthful élan, by staying sharp and focused, with dedication to the needs of our clients. We have an international network of renowned solicitors and patent attorneys as part of our service. As is speed, straight forward communication, maximum personal attention, and direct and easy contact with the case manager. In other words, we stand for quality and clarity in the way we serve you, irrespective of the nature, urgency and complexity of the question or case. We are conscious of the need to keep the costs as low as possible, reason why we offer a transparent and highly competitive cost structure. We make your business our business.

We have experience in proceedings before the Benelux and Community trademark offices, the European Patent Office, WIPO and the European Court of Justice. In complicated trademark and patent cases we often deal with cross-border issues. Thus we are at ease with high profile cases, complex legal issues and tough litigation, but always aiming at the most efficient way of protecting your interests.
Naturally we are member of the many professional associations, both national and international. Keeping abreast of current developments in IP and related issues, we make a point of writing regularly for leading legal journals.
As we constantly seek to surpass ourselves, we systematically monitor the quality of our services and are critical to ourselves and each other. We greatly value and appreciate feedback from our clients and welcome any discussion with you about the quality of our service.

Click here for the website of Arnold & Siedsma.

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Xsens Technologies is an innovative market leader in 3D Motion Technology. Working at Xsens means working in a team with enterprising and enthusiastic colleagues. Our team consists of people with diverse international backgrounds, a sporty mindset and a healthy drive. We share a passion for movement and technology.

Xsens develops products that focus on capturing, processing and sharing data in the field of movement. These products provide high-tech solutions for human motion measurement, sports, healthcare, animation and industrial applications. Have a look at https://www.xsens.com/explore?filter=cases or https://www.youtube.com/user/Mocapsuit to get an idea of ​​the applications for which our technology is used.

Has your interest been aroused and do you want to know more about Xsens, our technology or our internship / graduation / career opportunities? Please contact Susan Bakker (Recruiter) at susan.bakker@xsens.com or visit our website www.xsens.com/careers.
We also cordially invite you to follow us on social media;

Click here for the website of Xsens.

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Bilfinger Tebodin
Bilfinger Tebodin


Bilfinger Tebodin


Bilfinger Tebodin is a multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm that offers clients worldwide independent services based on the knowledge and experience of 1,600 employees in the following market areas: industry, health and food, oil and gas, chemistry, infrastructure, energy and the environment.


International careers

We offer an international dimension to your career. You work in multi-national teams, in projects in the Netherlands or abroad.


Personal development

The best people make the best company. We offer career paths that build on your talent, in line with our strategy. You can tailor your own path from a wide variety of development opportunities, with state-of-the-art technical, project and people management training.



We ask you to take responsibility for your work, your projects and your customers. To fulfill your responsibilities, you are given the freedom to make your own decisions and you have the space to learn and grow in a world of possibilities.


People are the foundation of our success. Customers, employees, partners, stakeholders and many other people whose lives we want to improve through our work. Close to the markets in which our customers are active and close to their projects, in which we are personally involved.


Our extensive network allows us to provide customers with the best solutions and practical expertise in a wide range of services, to meet and exceed their expectations.



Internship and graduation positions are possible in almost all departments within all locations. If you are interested in an internship or graduation position at Bilfinger Tebodin, check our trainee program at /https://www.tebodin.bilfinger.com/careers/bilfinger-tebodin-traineeship-in-the-netherlands/


Would you like more information or are you excited to join us? Check out our website



If you would like to apply, please send your CV with motivation to Annemarie Rossingh (Corporate Recruiter). annemarie.rossingh@bilfinger.com.


If you have any questions, please contact our Corporate Recruiter.

Click here for the website of Bilfinger Tebodin.

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Imagines, develops, delivers results

Arcadis is the leading global design and consultancy organization in the field of the natural and built environment. Applying our deep market sector knowledge combined with design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services, we work with our clients to achieve exceptional and sustainable results. At Arcadis there is plenty of room for innovative ideas and we offer good development and training opportunities as well as competitive terms of employment.


Profile Student

Putting knowledge into practice. Working (together) within projects. Responsible for part of the whole. Find out what Arcadis does. Insight into Arcadis, the company, its culture, its people, its possibilities. Find out what entrepreneurship means. A variety of assignments. Space and responsibility. Building the first network.

At Arcadis we are looking for motivated students, enthusiastic starters, talented young professionals and ambitious professionals. Click here to see if your training matches our field of work.

We organize Inhouse days for students and near-graduates, about which you can find more information here.


Start functions

At Arcadis you work with equally passionate colleagues on prestigious projects. We offer you a high degree of freedom to complete tasks independently and the opportunity to collaborate with various (technical) disciplines. In addition, you are given all the space to function optimally and to develop yourself in an informal atmosphere.

An Arcadis training offer is available that is drawn up annually. Focused on themes such as: customer, the role as a manager, project management and personal development. Meet The Young Part, our youth association that offers young employees the opportunity to get to know the company across the board. Also good to know: starters with various fields of study can go to Arcadis.


Career opportunities

At Arcadis there are plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. Since we work in multidisciplinary teams, it is always possible to see what exactly your neighbor fulfills for daily activities. In addition, there is the European "Imagineers" program, specially developed for employees who have only recently been working at Arcadis. Throughout the program you will work on your personal and professional development. During a year you will follow training courses in the field of communication, commerce and personal effectiveness; your own talents and competences are central to this. In the meantime, you have peer meetings in which you work on personal development issues together with your fellow participants from all over Europe. During the training you will not only meet the other participants, but there are various guest appearances by colleagues who will take you with them through their experiences and career.


In addition, there is the "Global Shapers" program. This is a program for 100 young Arcadians with up to 5 years of work experience from all over the world in which a problem is tackled. You will meet the international colleagues via Skype and via the closing meeting somewhere in the world.


Application procedure

You will find the current vacancies on our career site. You can apply for this online. Your application will be sent directly to our Recruitment team. They will review your profile and discuss it with the right people within our company. We will send you a confirmation of receipt of the application as soon as possible. You will then receive information about the next steps or a rejection, in which we indicate why you have not yet been invited for an interview. So that you quickly know where you stand.



Junior primair engineer (high voltage)

Junior specialist railstudies

Or check out the vacancy bank of Scintilla

Click here for the website of Arcadis.

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Inhouse days Arcadis December 2 and 3

Thursday 02 December 2021 08:00, Arcadis, Piet Mondriaanlaan 26, 3812 GV, Amersfoort, The Netherlands [Arcadis]

Arcadis opens its doors, are you there?

Would you like to see with your own eyes how things are going within our office walls? Then come to the in-house days of Arcadis on 2 and 3 December. We tell you more about what it is like to work at Arcadis, what we do and who we are. You will have the chance to meet Arcadians and ask them the question.

The in-house days will start with presentations and speed dates on Thursday morning. Next we will visit a large Arcadis project, namely: Zuidasdok. This is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. The A10 South goes from four to six lanes and disappears underground in the heart of Zuidas. Amsterdam Zuid station will be completely renovated and will have a grand design of international allure. Various forms of (public) transport will soon come together here. During the project visit, a number of Arcadins will give a guided tour. The evening program will consist of dinner and drinks, after which we will spend the night in Amersfoort. On Friday, a case about the Zuidasdok project is being worked on in images. The in-house days are concluded with a team presentation and lunch. This day and a half is fully catered and includes overnight stay.

In short, a diverse program and an ultimate opportunity to learn more about Arcadis, its employees, its projects and its corporate culture! The full program will last from Thursday, December 2, 8:30 a.m. to Friday, December 3, 1:30 p.m.

When are you eligible for the inhouse days?

To participate in the in-house day, you must have a study background that is suitable for our organization. In addition, you are in the final phase of your studies (HBO or WO master. If you have just completed your studies, you are also very welcome! Furthermore, a command of the Dutch language is a requirement.

But above all: you are enthusiastic and you would like to learn more about Arcadis!

Got excited?

You can register for the in-house days by clicking here. Here you leave your CV and details. You can register until November 18, 12:00 PM. We will let you know if you will be there no later than Monday 22 November. Please note: there is room for a maximum of 25 students.

Questions? Contact Wies van Hoek (Campus Recruiter) via wies.vanhoek@arcadis.com or 0611672571.


Sign up for this activity >>

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Bruco Integrated Circuits
Bruco Integrated Circuits

Bruco Integrated Circuits is a fabless design center focusing on RFIC, Analog/Mixed signal and application design. We provide design services and turn-key solutions from early system specification to qualified silicon and take care of the supply chain during production. Our designs can be found in many products close to home like, mobile phones, lighting, industry, cars and personal entertainment.

Our team of highly skilled people, consists of over 35 IC design and application engineers with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees with various backgrounds.

Bruco IC is located in in Borne and Nijmegen in the Netherlands as well as in Berlin, Germany.

Careers: Are you interested in working for Bruco IC, for an internship, graduation or fulltime job, check out our websitehttps://workatbruco.com.

Contact information:
Bruco Integrated Circuits
Oostermaat 2
7623 CS Borne
+31 (0)74 2406 600

Click here for the website of Bruco Integrated Circuits.

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Thales Nederland is active in the Defence, Security and Public Transportation sectors. With more than 1.900 employees, Thales is a top provider of high-tech jobs. Safety and Security are our main priorities when we do business. Product innovation and swift anticipation of the newest technological possibilities are the mainsprings of our business. Examples are radar-, communication- and command & control systems for Defence. Furthermore we deliver communication-, security- and payment systems for trade and industry. Thales Nederland is part of the Thales Group, which has a workforce of 68.000 in more than 50 countries, of whom 22.000 are working in the Research and Development sector. This makes it one of Europe's largest electronics companies.

In the Netherlands our Corporate head office is located in Hengelo (+/- 1500 employees). Since 1922 the plant in Hengelo is a worldwide leader in the latest and most innovative radar technologies and radar systems for naval ships. Besides our plant in Hengelo, Thales Nederland is located and specialised in:

  • Hengelo, our Corporate head office is located here (+/- 1500 employees)
  • Huizen, Thales Land Defence, Cyber Security and Thales Transportation Systems (+/- 250 employees). The core business in Huizen involves communication systems/ networks, optronic systems, solutions for cyber security and installation and maintenance on electronic fare systems for public transport.
  • Delft, this R&D lab is built near the TU Delft and is specialised in the research of radar technology and radar systems (+/- 25 employees).
  • Eindhoven, Thales Cryogenics (+/- 90 employees). We develop and fabricate cooling systems for cameras which are used for military and civil applications.
  • Enschede, T-Xchange (+/- 20 employees). This R&D lab started in cooperation with the University of Twente and specialises in Serious Gaming.

Within Thales Nederland there are numerous possibilities for engineers to develop themselves in a technical as well as in an international environment. We have about 12 job families from where you can build your career and switch to one another if your interests and capabilities are changing during your employment at Thales.

Are you interested in the technical depth of various cutting edge technologies and would you like to contribute to our specific fields of expertise in Defence and Civil solutions, then you are more than welcome to join our team, Thales can help you to become a technical specialist on a very high level. Would you like to experience other fields of expertise within Thales, you can, for instance, become a generalist in an international environment where you can combine your technical and commercial skills.

Every year we have up till 100 interesting and challenging internships and graduations assignments in different fields of work.

Together- Safer- Everywhere

More information about Thales jobs or internships and graduation assignments?
Go to www.thalesgroup.com/nl


Click here for the website of Thales.

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Doing business together in a global company

Benchmark Almelo is part of a worldwide Benchmark Network. With offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia, Benchmark delivers the highest level of market-oriented services and turnkey platforms where our customers need them.

We have Design Centers of Innovation at strategic locations in each of the three major regions. We mainly work for the Medical, Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets. Besides the electronics production, we also have full precision mechanical production capabilities. For example, we work for clients such as Airbus, Siemens, Fluke or Semiconductor companies.

Working at Benchmark on products with impact

We are working on new products that increase safety, health or convenience. We supply these products from product design to volume production and even directly to the end user. These can be control panels for aircraft, connected sensor devices, service robotics, medical devices, or semi-conductor machine parts. We help our customers to develop innovations and bring them into large series production quickly

Where we stand for

With more than 13,000 employees, we are one of the top 10 electronics manufacturers worldwide. The branch in Almelo has 500 employees and has a strong NPI team (new product introduction) and development team of 130 engineers with a mix of knowledge and skills such as industrial design, UX design, mechanical design, electronics design, software design and test development.

Develop in a dynamic work environment

At Benchmark you can count on a stable working environment, clarity and support from colleagues around you. There is every opportunity to develop within the various customer projects in which you are strong.

We hope to tell you more about Benchmark soon. Don't hesitate to get in touch. We will help you find the right work or internship opportunities at Benchmark.

Contact information

Manon Voskamp

Technical Recruiter

manon.voskamp@bench.com or almelo.recruitment@bench.com

Benchmark Electronics Direct: +31 546 535126 | Mobile: +31 6 4603 2677

Click here for the website of Benchmark.

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Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. With approximately 93,000 employees in over 70 countries, our aim is to help meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.
A career with Shell is more than just a day job. It’s an opportunity to join a company that tackles the challenge of meeting the world’s rising energy needs, thanks to its people’s experience, expertise and innovative approach. Joining Shell could help you get more from your working life than you thought possible.

Working together

At Shell, we believe in offering you a wide range of career routes. The scale and global reach of our business mean we have a huge range of both technical and commercial opportunities for graduates and early career professionals.
Where will you fit in?
We have openings in a wide variety of business areas. Our Technical, Commercial and Corporate roles are open to candidates from a number of disciplines.

Why join Shell?

  • A win-win partnership
    You fulfil your potential; we benefit from your skills.
  • A supportive group of colleagues and mentors
    Help when you need it and responsibility from day one.
  • A career platform
    Flexible career paths and a continuous learning culture.
  • A global business
    International teamwork and global career possibilities.
  • A great package
    Competitive performance-related salary and benefits.

Onboarding and early career development

Our global onboarding programme is designed to ensure that you will enjoy a positive experience throughout your first year in the job. Early career development will continue to further support your progress for up to five years.

Let’s deliver better energy solutions together

Shell is an equal opportunity employer

Further details

More information about these exciting opportunities at Shell can be found on our careers website:

Click here for the website of Shell.

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Working at Boskalis is about creating new horizons and sustainable solutions. In a world where population growth, increase of global trade, demand for (new) energy and climate change are driving forces, we challenge you to leave your mark in finding innovative and relevant solutions for complex infrastructural and marine projects. 


Within a vibrant company culture you will be working as part of a diverse, international team of experts. We offer you the opportunity to realize your full personal potential and expand your professional career by creating new horizons. Together.


Check for more information: Careers.Boskalis.com


Interested in an internship, graduation project or Traineeship at Boskalis? Check for more information our student & starter page.

Click here for the website of Boskalis.

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El Niño
El Niño

El Niño is a digital web development company located in the city center of Enschede and the city center of The Hague. We develop custom made web applications for different types of companies active in different sectors and of different sizes. Our focus is in using technology to solve problems our customers encounter and help them reduce their costs and improve their revenue.

We offer flexible working hours so that students can easily combine their work at El Niño with their courses at the University. At El Niño you have the opportunity to work on challenging and complex systems, webshops and apps for millions of users all over the world.

At our office in Enschede we have our own cinema & gym making it easy to combine hard work with joy!

If you're interested to join us, please go to https://www.elnino.tech/getajob to get to know us and to get in touch with us!

Click here for the website of El Niño.

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Nedap NV
Nedap NV

WE ARE NEDAP - The most versatile high-tech company in the Netherlands


We develop technology for life

We improve everyday life for people all over the world. With RFID technology we help retail employees reduce their time spent on searching for products and managing stock. Our access control systems protect people, places and possessions at any physical location that needs to stay secure – from businesses to government offices, hospitals, airports, schools, industrial sites and public venues. We help farmers take better care of their animals, through individual animal identification in our livestock technology. We improve traffic flow at the entrances and exits of parking garages, airports and business parks, using technology for the remote recognition of vehicles and drivers. Check www.nedap.com to discover even more of our solutions.


First people, then technology

For a tech-firm at heart we’re extremely people-oriented. We see technology as the ultimate tool to improve people’s lives, not complicate them. That’s why our focus is always on creating elegant solutions that are easy to use and beautiful to look at.


We are taking the lead. Are you?

There’s a world of opportunities for both tech and business students at Nedap. If you want to make the most of your education, it’s time to take the lead and get in touch. You could be first in line for the best internships, student jobs and graduation assignments available.


Choose ambition. Choose growth. Choose excellence.





Student Job Inventory Product Certification at Nedap Security Management.

Or look at the vacancy bank of Scintilla

Click here for the website of Nedap NV.

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ItoM Introduction

ItoM is a System IP and semiconductor design center with core expertise on mixed-signal IC design. We are an independent design company focused on wireless connectivity, biometric sensor data acquisition, and timing systems. ItoM is internationally recognised for its ground-breaking IP blocks, having a unique track record of innovations implemented for many leading semiconductor customers . 
Over the past 20 years ItoM delivered RF high-performance analog & mixed-signal designs for high-end products of various application fields e.g. connectivity for smartphones and IoT RF transceivers, automotive radio, audio, battery management, and TV tuners.
As well as proven design capabilities, ItoM has a valuable portfolio of verified system IP blocks currently in production with its customers. These include ground-breaking ultra-low-power IP blocks enabling the next generations of IoT RF transceivers, and are complemented by an extensive portfolio of adaptive signal processing technologies.
Founded in 1998 ItoM has successfully grown to a world-class team of 35 FTEs and has offices in Enschede and Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 
  • RF RX & TX: LNAs, Oscillators, Power Amplifiers, RF DACs, RF Filters, Mixers, LDOs, Precise Q-counters
  • PLL & FLL: linear and wideband PLLs, All Digital PLLs, DTCs, TDCs, FLLs, DCOs, Capacitor banks, Digital phase / frequency modulation
  • IF & ADC / DAC: Sigma delta ADCs, SAR ADCs, Dynamic image rejection control, AGC systems, DACs, (De-)Modulators, radio processing

Message to students
ItoM is looking for creative and passionate RF, Analog, and Mixed-signal IC design engineers as well as Digital Design Engineers to strengthen its growing design teams in Enschede and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We also offer internships for candidates with strong academic credentials.
Why join us?
  • Work within an inspiring and highly experienced multi-disciplinary design team
  • Participate in exciting breakthrough innovative IC projects for top 20 wireless semiconductor companies
  • Broad activities, including system design, with a lot of responsibilities within a flexible and growing team
  • Strong links with the IC-Design group of the University of Twente
  • An attractive wage package with several extra benefits
More information
Jeroen Langendam
Mob. +31 616 566 846

Click here for the website of ItoM.

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