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Business profiles

On this page you can find companies that support our association. Not only financial, but they also give insight in trade and industry by organizing lectures, symposia etcetera.

The business profiles are presented in random order.


IMS Faster - smaller - better

At IMS you can contribute to the production of the future, by devising innovative solutions to automate and optimize production.

IMS specializes in the development and delivery of turnkey production lines for the production of small, complex products. Examples of such products are the camera lens in a smartphone and sensors in automobiles. We deliver solutions to customers around the world, based on our deep knowledge of production processes, innovative production technologies and thoroughly understanding of the customer’s needs.

In addition, at IMS Research we make products and processes manufacturable, based on scientific research and test setups and prototypes.

Our manufacturing solutions ensure that customers can bring new products faster to market, cost-effective by using a smaller footprint and bring our customers a better market position.

Working at IMS

Want to work in an internationally oriented environment, make a tangible contribution to the success of booming industries and do you like to overlook the whole process? Then you can go make it at IMS.

For more information on a career at IMS or our internship and graduation assignments, go to www.ims-nl.com/jobs.

Click here for the website of IMS.

Future activities organised by this company

IMS Technical Challenge

Thursday 08 February 2018 13:00, Einsteinstraat 16, Almelo [Extern]

Unfortunately, the following event will be held in Dutch only.

Op donderdag 8 februari organiseert IMS in samenwerking met WIMM weer een Technical Challenge. Op deze woensdagmiddag ben jij van harte uitgenodigd om samen met een aantal engineers van IMS aan de slag te gaan met een interessante case. De uitdaging van deze case is om de cycle time van de machines die lenzen produceren voor onder anderen de automotive en telefonie industrie te minimaliseren.


De case is geschikt voor mensen met een werktuigbouw, elektrotechniek, advanced technology, technische natuurkunde en technische informatica achtergrond. 


Het programma is als volgt:


13:00 - 13:30 uur: Inloop, inclusief lunch

13:30 - 14:00 uur: Introductie WIMM & IMS + uitleg case

14:00 - 16:00 uur: Case

16:00 - 16:40 uur: Presentaties van de groepen

16:40 - 17:00 uur: Terugkoppeling van IMS met prijsuitreiking

Vanaf 17:00 uur:   Borrel + mogelijkheid tot rondleiding


De Technical Challenge wordt gehouden bij IMS. Wij zijn gevestigd aan de Einsteinstraat 16 in Almelo. Dit is ongeveer een kwartiertje lopen vanaf station Almelo de Riet of 5 minuten vanaf bushalte Nijreessingel (lijn 51).


Opgeven kan via www.wimmtraineeship.nl/activiteiten/technical-challenge-ims, voor vragen kun je contact opnemen met Arjen Goudt van WIMM traineeship. Je kunt hem bereiken oparjengoudt@wimmtraineeship.nl of bel 06 – 22 86 40 14.



Wie zien je graag op donderdag 8 februari!

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Thales Nederland is active in the Defence, Security and Public Transportation sectors. With more than 1.900 employees, Thales is a top provider of high-tech jobs. Safety and Security are our main priorities when we do business. Product innovation and swift anticipation of the newest technological possibilities are the mainsprings of our business. Examples are radar-, communication- and command & control systems for Defence. Furthermore we deliver communication-, security- and payment systems for trade and industry. Thales Nederland is part of the Thales Group, which has a workforce of 68.000 in more than 50 countries, of whom 22.000 are working in the Research and Development sector. This makes it one of Europe's largest electronics companies.

In the Netherlands our Corporate head office is located in Hengelo (+/- 1500 employees). Since 1922 the plant in Hengelo is a worldwide leader in the latest and most innovative radar technologies and radar systems for naval ships. Besides our plant in Hengelo, Thales Nederland is located and specialised in:

  • Hengelo, our Corporate head office is located here (+/- 1500 employees)
  • Huizen, Thales Land Defence, Cyber Security and Thales Transportation Systems (+/- 250 employees). The core business in Huizen involves communication systems/ networks, optronic systems, solutions for cyber security and installation and maintenance on electronic fare systems for public transport.
  • Delft, this R&D lab is built near the TU Delft and is specialised in the research of radar technology and radar systems (+/- 25 employees).
  • Eindhoven, Thales Cryogenics (+/- 90 employees). We develop and fabricate cooling systems for cameras which are used for military and civil applications.
  • Enschede, T-Xchange (+/- 20 employees). This R&D lab started in cooperation with the University of Twente and specialises in ‘Serious Gaming’.

Within Thales Nederland there are numerous possibilities for engineers to develop themselves in a technical as well as in an international environment. We have about 12 job families from where you can build your career and switch to one another if your interests and capabilities are changing during your employment at Thales.

Are you interested in the technical depth of various cutting edge technologies and would you like to contribute to our specific fields of expertise in Defence and Civil solutions, then you are more than welcome to join our team, Thales can help you to become a technical specialist on a very high level. Would you like to experience other fields of expertise within Thales, you can, for instance, become a generalist in an international environment where you can combine your technical and commercial skills.

Every year we have up till 100 interesting and challenging internships and graduations assignments in different fields of work.

Together- Safer- Everywhere

More information about Thales jobs or internships and graduation assignments?
Go to www.thalesgroup.com/nl


Click here for the website of Thales.

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Multidisciplinary and groundbreaking projects

When you choose for a job at Witteveen+Bos, you choose for versatility and challenges in multidisciplinary projects. For example, we participate in the development of the renewal of the Afsluitdijk, de Botlek bridge, the completion of the tangent highway in Antwerp and the Masterplan Jakarta. Our consultancy contains the whole route of planning, design and engineering, contract preparation, guidance on implementation and project management.

What kind of people work at Witteveen+Bos?

Our engineers and consultants have a background in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental sciences, building technology or other technical studies. The field of electrical engineering herein is covered by several themes, like control systems in water treatment plants, energy supply for movable bridges or EMC-studies in power grids.

We expect that our employees are driven to be leading in their field and are willing to invest in their development. We create the conditions for development by offering challenging and various tasks and responsibilities within new and exciting projects. On following this approach, we are able to develop our professionals to excellent experts, project leaders and team workers.

Just graduated employees participate in a special educational program called 'Starterstraject'. In this program, they follow several internal courses, like working in projects and consultancy skills.

Internship, graduation, business course or job

When you would like to meet an ambitious engineering consultancy, then Witteveen+Bos is probably a good place for doing an internship, a graduation assignment or finding a job. Also, every year we organise a business course, dedicated to a specific project of Witteveen+Bos.


Click here for the website of Witteveen+Bos.

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Applied Micro Electronics "AME" B.V.

provides solutions within the disciplines of Research, Design, Development and Manufacturing of electronics, mechatronics and embedded software. At AME you will be working on a broad scale of projects for customers in the field of offshore, consumer lighting, smart energy, infrastructure, automotive and building automation. In a team of professionals you will develop high-tech products in the field of electronics, embedded software and mechanics. As a young professional you will have vast attention of your senior mentor who will help you to develop yourself and will introduce you to the relevant training programs. The project team you will be working in, consists of engineers with various technological backgrounds:


Electronics development

The electronics development group provides state-of-the-art electronics with high quality. The group has a very strong mixed signal track record, providing solutions with analog components as well as high speed DSP, complex controls and RF technology. A key strength is the close cooperation with de Manufacturing unit resulting in excellent Design for Test (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Cost of Goods (CoG).

Embedded software development

The embedded group excels in fast time to market and flexible, yet solid, robust, and thoroughly qualified software. It has strong competencies in micro controller firmware development, Linux embedded software development and Windows CE software development on a whole series of platforms and chip sets. They provide custom components but they also leverage on a suite of key software components.

Mechanical development

The mechanics group concentrates on product design as well as on the automation of the in-house manufacturing facilities. Product design, including the necessary moulds and tooling is done within this group. Besides that, simulations on strength, lifetime and user interaction are performed. Special tool, machine and robot design supports AME operations to highly automate the manufacturing of a complete product.


Click here for the website of AME.

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Ricardo Rail
Ricardo Rail

Ricardo - Delivering Excellence Through Innovation & Technology

Ricardo plc. is a global strategic, technical and environmental consultancy. It is also a specialist niche manufacturer of high performance products. The company employs over 2,900 professional engineers, consultants and scientists who are committed to delivering outstanding projects focused on class-leading innovation in our core product areas of engine, transmission, vehicle, hybrid and electrical systems, environmental forecasting and impact analysis.

Ricardo Rail

Our rail capabilities extend across all key disciplines, from rolling stock, signalling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, safety management and operational planning.

As a global consultancy we offer a range of technical services to the rail market. Within Ricardo Rail in Utrecht 200+ highly motivated consultants and engineers provide expert advice on purchasing, homologation, maintenance management and performance improvement for trains, trams, metros, rail infrastructure and the interaction between rolling stock and infrastructure.

Through our expert understanding of the industry’s most critical and complex technologies, we provide our clients -  operators, manufacturers, maintenance companies, infrastructure managers, investors and regulators – with specialist support to help reduce risk and improve  performance across every aspect of their operations.

Services for rail clients are usually delivered by either:

  • Ricardo Rail, which focuses on technical consulting, product development and certain unaccredited assurance roles.
  • Ricardo Certification, which is a separate and entirely independent business, provides accredited assurance and certification services.


Do you want to know what it’s like to work with us?


http://rail.ricardo.com  en www.werkenbijricardorail.nl

Ricardo Rail
Ricardo Nederland B.V.
Catharijnesingel 33
P.O. Box 2016
3500 GA  Utrecht
The Netherlands
T          +31 30 7524 700

E          Fabian.peek@ricardo.com

Click here for the website of Ricardo Rail.

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Maxon Motor
Maxon Motor

maxon motor benelux is the solution partner in motion. We provide engineering and production services in the area of precision drive solutions. From concept development, through basic design to detailed engineering and production. The combination of mechanics and electronics, mechatronics, requires specific knowledge and understanding of both expertise areas. At maxon, we combine these two disciplines with our in-depth knowledge and experience with drive systems and design solutions for extreme conditions.

maxon motor is a worldwide leading supplier of components and systems in the precision drive technology sector. Our headquarters are situated Switzerland, with other production facilities in Germany, Hungary, South Korea and The Netherlands. With subsidiaries and agencies in 40 countries, maxon has a global presence.

maxon motor's drive solutions are used in a variety of industries, e.g. medical, space, aerospace, industrial machinery and maritime applications.

Click here for the website of Maxon Motor .

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Nedap NV
Nedap NV

Nedap is een fabrikant van intelligente technologische oplossingen voor relevante thema's. Voldoende voedsel voor een groeiende bevolking, schoon drinkwater over de hele wereld, slimme netwerken voor duurzame energie zijn slechts een paar voorbeelden van onderwerpen waar Nedap zich mee bezighoudt.

Bij Nedap werken technici, productontwikkelaars, business developers en marketeers. Allemaal hebben zij hetzelfde doel: markten in beweging brengen met technologie die er toe doet!

Het succes van Nedap is gebaseerd op creativiteit, fundamenteel begrip van technologie en elektronica, en een zeer goede samenwerking met onze klanten. Onze ideeën over markt en technologie vertalen wij in producten die over de hele wereld verkocht worden.

Werken bij Nedap is snel schakelen

Nedap heeft een open bedrijfscultuur die creativiteit en ondernemerschap stimuleert. De organisatie bestaat uit 10 marktgroepen met elk z'n eigen specialisme. Elke unit ontwikkelt voortdurend nieuwe ideeën en producten en vermarkt deze zelf. De kracht van Nedap is de interactie tussen de verschillende units. Door met je collega's ideeën en knowhow uit te wisselen kun je binnen Nedap snel schakelen.

Bij Nedap moet je het zelf maken

Nedap biedt haar medewerkers de kans om te ondernemen in technologie die er toe doet. Door de platte organisatie is het niet de plaats in de hiërarchie die telt maar de kwaliteit van je argumenten. Eigen initiatief, doorzettingsvermogen en persoonlijk ondernemerschap zijn daarbij cruciaal. Persoonlijk ondernemerschap staat binnen Nedap voor het nemen van verantwoordelijkheid en het omzetten van ideeën in actie.

Nedap is altijd op zoek naar net die paar mensen die succesvol kunnen zijn bij ons bedrijf. Daarbij telt niet zozeer wat je de afgelopen jaren allemaal gedaan hebt, maar wat je de komende jaren nog wilt leren. Waar het om gaat is dat je je bij ons continu verder ontwikkelt en nieuwe inzichten verwerft. Dat is belangrijk voor ons en belangrijk voor jezelf. Als jij je daarin herkent, willen we graag met je praten.

De N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek "Nedap" is opgericht in 1929, genoteerd aan de beurs sinds 1947 en is met ruim 680 medewerkers wereldwijd actief.

Kijk op http://lifeatnedap.com/vacatures voor alle vacatures of op http://lifeatnedap.com voor meer leuks over Nedap.

Click here for the website of Nedap NV.

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TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. This is our mission and it is what drives us, the 3,000 professionals at TNO, in our work every day. We work in collaboration with partners and focus on five transitions that we have identified together with our stakeholders.

TNO is an independent research organisation that employs some 3,000 specialists. We believe in the joint creation of economic and social value. We focus on transitions or changes in five social themes: Industry; Healthy Living; Defence, Safety & Security; Urbanisation and Energy.


Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. We develop knowledge not for its own sake, but for practical application. Every four years, in close collaboration with our stakeholders, we draw up a strategic plan that describes how we will pursue our mission. This plan is our proposal to society.Our strategy is a reflection of the trends we observe in society and technology. In close coordination with our stakeholders we have defined five transitions on which we will focus. These are in line with the challenges and ambitions of the Top Sector policy and social themes in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The transitions can be summarised as follows:

•Industry: from economic stagnation to growth in high-technology industry

•Healthy Living: from illness and treatment to health and behaviour

•Defence, Safety & Security: from a wide range of threats to controllable risks

•Urbanisation: from urbanisation bottlenecks to urban vitality

•Energy: from conventional sources to sustainable energy systems.

Sandra Lemmens



Click here for the website of TNO.

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DEMCON is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with as focus areas high-tech systems, industrial systems, embedded systems and medical systems.
DEMCON is a fast-growing business that supports clients with a wide range of competencies. As a system supplier, DEMCON can meet the entire needs of its clients, from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. In more than 20 years, the business has grown to become the DEMCON Group (with more than 250 employees in 2016).
The head office is situated in Enschede, with
 subsidiary locations in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Oldenzaal, Roden and Münster (Germany). DEMCON has clients worldwide, from the Netherlands and Germany to Asia and the US.

Mechatronics is the multi-disciplinary specialism of DEMCON, which means that mechatronic systems engineering is the key discipline, the ‘mechatronic conscience’ within DEMCON. There are also strong disciplinary departments that combine the knowledge and competencies in their fields. Together, they are responsible for conceiving and developing innovative concepts and creative solutions for the design challenges of the clients.
DEMCON can provide for complete 
production, from prototyping and production engineering to setting up the supply chain and in-house assembly. DEMCON has the specialised knowledge for this, as well as the international supply network and the advanced facilities, including carefully developed assembly lines and an extensive clean room.
The ambition of DEMCON is to realise further growth by addressing new and challenging 
projects, surveying new international markets and further expanding its production expertise and capacity.
DEMCON has developed from a business with roots in Twente to a Dutch business with international operations. For junior and senior talent with various educational backgrounds, experience and interests, DEMCON offers an intellectually challenging and socially inspiring working environment.

Click here for the website of DEMCON.

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Tebodin's growth in its home country has been keeping up with the economic developments in the Netherlands for more than sixty years now. With its large natural gas reserves this country is the origin of a diversity of industrial activities. Tebodin offices are spread over six provinces.

Due to its limited size and dense population, the Netherlands is one of the first countries in the world where a harmonious balance was found between industrial development and the environment. Tebodin made a major contribution to this development. For this reason numerous multinationals find the country an attractive place for business. In the Netherlands Tebodin has an excellent position as a multidisciplinary firm that is well known by both the industries and the government.

Click here for the website of Tebodin.

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USE system engineering
USE system engineering

Over USE
USE System Engineering is een hightech systeemontwikkelaar voor hoofdzakelijk de infrastructurele markt. Sinds 1993 is USE System Engineering - member TKH groep - een innovatieve, succesvolle en enthousiaste aanbieder van oplossingen met innovatieve producten. Wij ontwerpen en produceren technologiën voor applicaties in hoofdzakelijk de sectoren verkeer, water en voeding. We voorzien klanten van slimme en bruikbare concepten, systemen en producten en bieden totaaloplossingen op het gebied van elektronica, software, optica en magnetisme. Wij geloven dat met de technologie van USE het gebruik van de oplossing sneller, veiliger en efficiënter wordt. Door direct met onze (eind) gebruikers samen te werken, wordt veel domeinkennis verkregen en wordt deze door ons ingezet voor de ontwikkeling van nieuwe concepten en producten. Op deze manier dragen wij bij aan het ontwerpen en produceren van state-of-the-art concepten, producten en systemen.

Word ook USEr!
Gezien de ontwikkelingen en de enorme groei van de organisatie zijn we op zoek naar professionals om het team te versterken! Heb jij een goede vakkennis op HBO/WO niveau op het gebied van elektrotechniek of informatica? Dan zouden wij graag in contact met je willen komen om het een en ander toe te lichten en om jou te voorzien van meer informatie. Zowel over de organisatie als over de openstaande vacatures.

Klik hier voor onze actuele vacatures.

Werken bij USE is...

  • Werken in een wereld met revolutionaire projecten
  • Vooruitdenken
  • Vakmanschap
  • High-tech productontwikkeling
  • Innovatief
  • Out of the box denken - oplossingsgericht denken
  • Zelfontplooiing
Kortom, herken jij jezelf in de werkwijze en kernwaarden van USE en zoek je een uitdagende baan, stage of afstudeerplaats? Stuur dan je CV en een korte motivatie naar cv@usetechnology.nl

USE is in ontwikkeling! Ontwikkel mee en word USEr!

Click here for the website of USE system engineering.

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Moteq BV
Moteq BV


Intermediair voor hoogopgeleide technici

Moteq is sinds 1997 gespecialiseerd in de bemiddeling van ondernemende technici. Hoogopgeleide professionals die aan de slag willen in de elektrotechniek, industriele automatisering, installatietechniek, werktuigbouwkunde, bouwkunde of civiele techniek.

Waarom is Moteq een goed startpunt voor jou?

  • Bewezen technisch specialist - waardevolle entrees bij de juiste opdrachtgevers in de techniek. Kijk voor referenties op www.moteq.nl
  • Een sollicitatie bij Moteq - vele ingangen bij relevante technische werkgevers
  • 95% vaste banen - de meeste dienstverbanden starten op projectbasis, maar worden vrijwel altijd omgezet in een vast dienstverband bij een van onze opdrachtgevers
  • Zekerheid van een contract - je ontvangt een gedegen arbeidsovereenkomst minimaal voor de duur van een jaar
  • Gevestigd in Amsterdam, Hengelo en Utrecht - altijd een vacature in jouw regio
  • De Moteq aanpak

  • Trefzeker - je eigen contactpersoon die jouw situatie en jouw wensen echt kent
  • Altijd terugkoppeling - zo mogelijk binnen 24 uur
  • Alleen met jouw toestemming - vanzelfsprekend stellen we je uitsluitend voor aan de opdrachtgevers die voldoen aan jouw wensen en alleen mét jouw toestemming
  • Voor de beste technische banen

    Alle voorkomende functies binnen de elektrotechniek, mechatronica, machine- en apparatenbouw, kunststoftechniek,metaalbewerking, proces engineering, productietechniek, staalbouw, industriële productontwikkeling, automotive, installatietechniek, klimaattechniek, beheer en onderhoud, industriële automatisering, bouwkunde (aannemers B&U), architectuur, ingenieurs- en adviesbureaus, GWW, rail en bijvoorbeeld verkeerstechniek. Daarnaast hebben we volop vacatures in aanverwante richtingen zoals technische natuurkunde, chemische technologie en technische bedrijfkunde.


    Je bent van harte welkom om nader kennis te maken.

    Moteq Hengelo: 074 250 85 77 (vraag naar Frank Nijhof of Ferry van de Rhee)
    E-mailadres: frank@moteq.nl, ferry@moteq.nl of eenvoudig naar info@moteq.nl
    Website: www.moteq.nl

    Click here for the website of Moteq BV.

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    What we do

    Rijkswaterstaat is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. This includes:

    The main road network
    The Dutch mobility policy serves 2 goals: reliable journey times and better accessibility. By 2020,
    motorists travelling in the rush hour must be able to arrive punctually 95% of the time, despite
    increased mobility and unexpected congestion. The Dutch economy relies heavily on transport and
    logistics, the main economic centres must remain accessible.

    The main waterway network
    Dry feet, sufficient clean water and reliable and useful information. That is what integrated water
    management means to Rijkswaterstaat. The Dutch waterway network is the densest in Europe.
    About 6000 kilometers of rivers and canals, many of the latter serving drainage as well as
    navigation, form a complex system serving all parts of the country.

    The main water systems
    The goal is to achieve the most efficient and flexible construction, management and maintenance
    of the main water systems in the Netherlands: the major rivers, the coast, the Wadden Sea, the
    Southwest Delta, the IJsselmeer region and the North Sea. The Dutch coast protects us from the
    sea. That is why it is so important to maintain it properly. Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for this.

    Working or internship at Rijkswaterstaat

    There are a lot of work opportunities for graduates within Rijkswaterstaat. You can find more
    information about these opportunities on our career site and you can follow us on Facebook,
    LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We also organise Inhouse activities for students in the last phase
    of their study or recent graduates. You can find these activities in our calender.

    Do you have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly: campus@rws.nl.

    Click here for the website of Rijkswaterstaat.

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    Arcadis is an international company that provides consultancy, design, engineering and management services in the fields of Infrastructure, Water, Environment and Buildings. Over the years, we have worked diligently to retain our core values, and we've made it our priority to ask ourselves the tougher questions about who we want to be-as a trusted consultant, as an employer, and as a corporate citizen. With 21,000 people worldwide and 2.4 billion in revenues the company has an extensive international network that is supported by strong local market positions. We rank among the top 10 management and engineering consultancies in the world. In Europe, Brazil and Chile we have a top 5 position. In the global environmental market we are positioned in the top 3.

    Click here for the website of Arcadis.

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    We make machines that make chips; the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. Devices that improve our quality of life and help to tackle the world’s toughest problems. We build some of the most amazing machines that you will ever see, and the software to run them. Never satisfied, we measure our performance in units that begin with pico or nano.



    ASML offers opportunities for graduates from practically every technical field. You will be working with people from around the world. We believe that those different backgrounds, nationalities and perspectives make us better. We know that an open mind is a creative mind. We support networks such as Young ASML, Women@ASML, Pink ASML or Seniors@ASML. And because there’s more to life than work, you can join your colleagues in anything from running, cycling, football, sailing or skiing in one of the sports teams.

    We offer a fulfilling career, not just a job. We reward employees competitively and provide coaching, training and personal career development. Flexibility, enthusiasm, ambition and customer focus are the foundation for a world of opportunity.


    Check it out at www.workingatasml.com/students.




    Animation About ASML: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsHd0fCzhNg&t=13s

    Video working at asml: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXpAMguP-vQ


    Click here for the website of ASML.

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    Wat doet Alliander

    Wij zijn een groot Nederlands netwerkbedrijf en zorgen ervoor dat miljoenen klanten dagelijks stroom en gas hebben. We staan voor een energievoorziening die iedereen onder gelijke condities toegang geeft tot betrouwbare, betaalbare en duurzame energie. Nu en in de toekomst. Dat is waar wij iedere dag aan werken. Ons netwerkbedrijf bestaat al 100  jaar. Je

    kunt ons dus gerust experts noemen in het ontwikkelen, onderhouden en beheren van energienetwerken. We gebruiken de nieuwste technieken en IT om energiestromen over die netwerken te volgen. En we helpen klanten om over te schakelen naar duurzame vormen van energie.


    Onze bedrijfscultuur

    Bij Alliander werken mensen met  een scherp gevoel voor de behoeften van onze klanten. Mensen die actief contact maken, die zich verdiepen in de ander en bereid zijn om elkaar verder te helpen. Onze professionals gaan doordacht te werk in een complexe en dynamische omgeving. Elke dag oefenen we met passie en liefde ons vak uit en zoeken we samen naar nieuwe ideeën en innovatieve oplossingen om onze dienstverlening verder te verbeteren. Wil jij ook bijdragen aan onze ambities? En wil je werken in een inspirerende omgeving met  veel persoonlijke aandacht en de ruimte voor jouw ideeën? Dan kun je bij Alliander zeker je energie kwijt.


    Wat kun jij doen?

    Bij Alliander kies je je eigen uitdaging. Je kunt kantoren helpen om slim energie te besparen, of een haalbaarheidsonderzoek doen naar de distributie van meer  energie met  minder kabels. Of je onderzoekt of er op een locatie als de Amsterdamse Zuidas straks meer  energie kan  worden opgewekt dan  er verbruikt wordt. Omdat het energielandschap volop in ontwikkeling is, zijn jouw mogelijkheden eindeloos.


    Diverse Traineeships

    Op weg naar een duurzame toekomst nemen we graag het initiatief. En dat verwachten we ook van jou als trainee. Of je nu voor ons technisch, financieel, IT of management trainee- ship kiest: we dagen je uit om met  vernieuwende ideeën te komen.


    Cijfers en feiten

    Locatie hoofdkantoor


    Jaar van oprichting


    Vestigingen (Nederland /


    13 Nederland, 1 Duitsland

    Aantal werknemers


    Aantal klanten

    3 miljoen

    Omzet in 2015

    1,6 miljard

    Gemiddelde leeftijd werknemers

    45 jaar

    Man/Vrouw verhouding

    Percentage mannen  80%, vrouwen 20%x

    Aantal jaarlijks  aan te nemen academici

    600 per jaar

    Aantal stageplaatsen academici

    100 per jaar

    Meer informatie

    Als jij wilt investeren in een mooie toekomst, investeren wij graag in jou. Ontdek jouw uitdaging op werkenbijalliander. com.


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    Harriet Overgaauw en Annalyn Brugman


    Utrechtseweg 68, Arnhem

    Telefoon +316-25064646

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