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Scintillas Committee for All Likable Activities

SCALA is Scintilla's Committee for All Likable Activities and as the name suggests we organise many different fun activities throughout the year. Some are just one time, others, which are more likeable, reoccur in other years. Since we, the SCALA members, can organise any activity we passionate about, it is bound to be a fun activity, but not without you!

If SCALA organises an activity it will show up on the agenda on the website and posters will be put up around the university. If there is an activity that sparks your interest be sure to sign-up. Some activities have a registration deadline and/or a limited amount of participants, so be sure you are on time!

Do you have an interesting idea for an activity? Share it with SCALA as we are always looking for new and interesting ideas!

Current members of this committee

Maarten Bonnema Chairman
Lucas Timmermans Secretary
Lars Essenstam Treasurer
Julia Kaptein Vice-Chairman
Aernout van den Brink General member
Bas Keet General member
Jasper Vinkenvleugel General member
Sjoerd van den Belt General member
Steven Sibma General member
Lars Holm Probationary member
Romano Ferla CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

LAN-party ReVamped

Friday 08 March 2019 16:00, SmartXP [SCALA]

Do you think you already have obtained enough EC's this year? Do you want to jauntily game all day and night, without feeling guilty?


Go to the LAN-party! This year with tournaments and a PC pick-up service. For the tournament you say your favourite games in the google forms.

For the PC pickup service, put in the comments section if you wnt to use this. IT will cost max 1 euro and is at own risk.

The total cost is max  €3,-!

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