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Scintilla's Hobby Commissie voor Knutselaars

Shock organizes each month an hobby evening where all Scintilla members may come and work on their (electrotechnical) hobby projects. These hobby evenings are meant for Scintilla members who do not possess the necessary measurement equipment at home, or need help with their projects. However if you do have everything you need at home, but just want to come and work on your project in the Westzaal instead, you are of course welcome as well. Shock gives you the ability to use the equipment of the Westzaal for personal use. It is necessary to bring your own components.

Current members of this committee

Wouter Nijenhuis Chairman
Marten Trip Secretary
Mickey Derks VP Treasurer
Vladyslav Frunze Public relations officer
Danjel Keekstra General member
Jose Aponte General member
Mike Evers General member
Sebastian Bunda VP General member
Sjoerd van den Belt CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

No activities.

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No vacancies.

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