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Eerstejaars Commissie

Welcome to the page of the freshmen committee of Scintilla. The Sjaarscie is formed out of freshmen Electrical Engineering students each year. It is their task to organise events especially focused on other first years but often also for other Scintilla members. Besides being a lot of fun this committee is also a good introduction for first years to the being active within Scintilla.

Current members of this committee

Timme Mes Chairman
Henk-Jan ter Haar Secretary
Arnout Luinge Treasurer
Jannes Koopmans General member
Jesper de Haan General member
Reinder Heddema General member
Sven Degen General member
Talitha Veldstra General member
Rick Ruitenbeek CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

No activities.

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No vacancies.

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