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SPOCK is the committee which organises the study tour. For mor information on the study tour refer to:


Current members of this committee

Bas van Laerhoven VP Chairman
Lucas Timmermans Secretary
Koen Raben VP Treasurer
Cassandra Post Participant
Ewout Baars Participant
Friso van den Boom VP Participant
Gino van Spil VP Participant
Jan Henk Davenschot Participant
Jessie Huiden Participant
Lars Essenstam Participant
Luc van Dijk Participant
Marissa Jonker Participant
Marleen van Dijk Participant
Marten Trip Participant
Matthijs Aanen Participant
Melissa Tijink Participant
Niels Sulzer Participant
Sebastian Bunda Participant
Simone Dulfer Participant
Sjoerd van den Belt Participant
Sjoerd Nieuwenhuis Participant
Steven Sibma Participant
Tara van van Abkoude VP Participant
Thomas van Zonneveld Participant
Timon Kruiper Participant
Willem Mulder Participant

Future activities organised by this committee

No activities.

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No vacancies.

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