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Scintilla's Trade Organisation for Reduced priced Electronics and Study needs

At the moment, with almost 30 members, the STORES is the largest committee within Scintilla. The STORES is a small shop entirely run by students. Our goal is to offer cheap electronics and study needs.


Want to join?

The STORES is always interested in attracting new members. You will have to stand in the shop approximately one lunch break every week. So if you have some spare time in the lunch break and if you like to join in on our meetings with cake, beer and crisps, maybe the STORES is something for you. If you would like to join, please speak to one of our members.



Current members of this committee

Jop ten Wolde Chairman
Simone Dulfer Secretary
Wouter Nijenhuis Administrator
Christiaan Muetstege Purchaser components
Ewout Baars VP Graphics
Fabian Lacina Purchaser components
Jan Kraakman Purchaser components
Johan Verzijden Purchaser components
Lars Holm VP
Marten Trip
Matthijs Aanen
Mickey Derks VP Purchaser components
Sebastian Bunda VP Purchaser components
Sjoerd Nieuwenhuis
Gino van Spil VP Webmaster
Alexander Keizer General member
Cas Doornkamp General member
Erik de Groot VP General member
Klaas de Haan General member
Leon Klute General member
Patrick Weske General member
Pauline Lettinga General member
Cassandra Post Probationary member
Dennis Heida Probationary member
Floriaan Bulten Probationary member
Javier Hoogendijk Abril Probationary member
Reinier De Waard Probationary member
Ryan Kurniawan Probationary member
Yvan ndeh de Mbah Probationary member
Marleen van Dijk CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

STORES pick-up service

Friday 21 May 2021 12:45, Educafé [STORES]

It is finally here again, another STORES pick-up day is approaching! The STORES is open for pick-up every other friday during this lockdown!

Do you still need that one component to finish your hobby project during the quarantaine? Does the postel service hold on to your packeges too much?
The STORES can help you in this dire situation! Sign-up here on the website with your name and studentnumber, make a wishlist on the STORES website by logging in with your UT account and give the name of your wishlist in the description of the sign-up. At 10 am on the day itself you'll receive a timeslot to pick up your order on Friday around the lunch break!

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