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Scintilla webteam

This website was made possible by:

Jethro Beekman VP
Hubert Flisijn VP Development
Laurens Fortgens VP Graphics
Tom Vocke VP Graphics
Eelco Dalhuisen VP Database
Olaf van Zandwijk VP Database
Henri de Jong VP Sitemap
Sjoerd op 't Land VP Sitemap



This website is written in PHP with symfony. All applications are hand-made. Fun facts:

  • OS: virtualized Debian 5
  • Webserver: Apache 2.2
  • Database: 3 times MySQL 5, 59 tables
  • Scripting: PHP 5.3, over 20000 lines
  • Frameworks: symfony 1.4, Zend

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Current members of this committee

Silke Hofstra Chairman
Willem Mulder Secretary
Bob van de Vijver General member
Frits Kuipers General member
Gerard Veenstra General member
Luc van Dijk General member
Marleen van Dijk General member
Marten Trip General member
Matthijs Aanen General member
Nahuel Manterola General member
Nick te Velde VP General member
Tim Broenink VP General member
Wim Hoek General member
Wouter Bakker SCP
Gino van Spil CCP

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