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Scintilla is the study association for electrical engineering. To support the students we provide several services.

Education information lunch

Scintilla organises education information lunches. During these activities different topics are discussed such as time tables, workload and university policy. All this while enjoying a free lunch.

Exam database

Scintilla has a database with old exams. This is kept as up to date as possible but we need the input of the students. Do you have an exam paper? Please give it to the board of Scintilla and get a ticket for the exam lottery during the summer barbecue of SCALA!

It is also possible to upload your exam paper on the website. See the exam database page for more information!


The StOEL (Student Overleg ELektrotechniek) is the committee charged with the communication and inspection for the education for the students. If you have any complaints or suggestions about the education you can contact StOEL.

Naturally you may also ask the commissioner of educational affairs any question about the education or anything related. She can be found in the Scintilla room on regular basis.