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As the study association for Electrical Engineering, Scintilla looks after the interests of her members. Naturally, education is the most important factor in the association’s objectives. On this page you can find an overview of the activities Scintilla employs to safeguard educational quality.

Expanding practical and theoretical knowledge

It has always been Scintilla’s belief that it is of vital importance to master the skills required to become a successful Electrical Engineer. The association organizes several courses to teach some of these skills when needed and regularly evaluates how her members can be offered more courses that contribute to their sustainable future. For the current offering of courses, please refer to the website of Scintilla’s CourseCommittee.

On the theoretical side of things, Scintilla arranges several lunch lectures on a variety of subjects and organizes symposia that bring together students and enterprises. In addition, members are provided with access to relevant study books and a platform of knowledge, consisting of an exam database and a network of members and alumni.

Safeguarding educational quality

It is key that members can focus on studying itself. The association invests effort in implementing the proper conditions for students to study in and closely monitors whether previously made arrangements are being complied with. The commissioner of educational affairs of the board works together with the committee for educational quality of Scintilla, StOEL, and the educational bodies of the University to achieve these goals.

Furthermore, it is important that students have the possibility to voice their complaints and/or to suggest improvements. To this end, the association organizes multiple forms of educational evaluation. If you have a suggestion or questions that you’d like to see answered outside of these evaluations, please contact the commissioner of educational affairs or StOEL:

Romano Ferla
Commissior of Educational Affairs of the 89th board

Studenten Overleg Elektrotechniek (Student Meeting Electrical Engineering)

Exam Database

Scintilla maintains an exam database. We attempt to keep it as up to date as possible, but need your help! Do you have an exam? Hand it over to the board and earn an entry for the exam lottery at SCALA’s Summer BBQ!