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Educational Systems

The University of Twente (UT) uses various educational systems. To improve the student experience with these systems, the commissioner of Educational Affairs of Scintilla takes part in multiple meetings within the UT to make sure that the systems work together properly.

System Manuals

Manuals for the various systems below can be found on the Student Portal of the University.


Osiris is being used for subscribing and unsubscribing for courses and modules, and for registering study results. 


Canvas is being used for the daily communication between teachers and students and contains all files you will need for studying.


The Timetable can be used to check what and where your next educational activity is. 

Web Room Booking

This is a webservice that let's students book project rooms in multiple University buildings. 

Software distribution (via NSC)

This service can be used to download all software necessary during your study. Next to that, you can find information on licenses and files needed for other relevant programs. 

Student mail

This is the webaddress for reading your university mail (student mail). The webservice also offers the possibility to schedule events in an online calendar and to make, edit and share files online. 

Contact Persons and Institutions

For an overview of the contact persons or institutions for the various systems, one can consult the table below. 


Contactperson for students

For more contact information


Canvas Canvas Team
Canvas CES - UT Institutional System
E-Portfolio Your teacher E-Portfolio CES - UT Institutional System
Studentenportal Online media Studentenportal M&C - UT Institutional System
UT Website + 
Programme Website
Online media Website M&C - UT Institutional System
My Timetable Servicedesk ICT Timetable CES - UT Institutional System
NOA Online Servicedesk ICT,
Programme Director
NOA CES - UT Institutional System
Webroom Booking Servicedesk ICT Webroom booking CES - UT Instellingssysteem
Mobility Online Servicedesk ICT, Internship- or thesiscoordinator Mobility Online CES - UT Institutional System
Student Mobility
Servicedesk ICT, Internship- or thesiscoordinator SMS CES - UT Institutional System
Osiris Student Services Osiris CES - UT Institutional System
Osiris Educational-
Student Services Onderwijscatalogus CES - UT Institutional System
Studielink Student Services Studielink CES - UT Institutional System

FOBOS is not a system but an arrangement, for more information students can contact Monique van Heijst.

CES - Arrangement