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Matlab course

At the start of 2019 MasterCLASS organized a Matlab course. This course was spit into two days. The first day was to freshen up your matlab knowledge or to learn the basics for the participants who were unfamiliar with matlab. The second day was the advanced cource, to expend your general matlab knowledge.

The first day started with a presentation after which some assignments were made and you can play a little bit with matlab. The presentation and assignments can be found here.

The second day matlab was combined with the measurement equipments in the westzaal. Using a manual, you learned how to connected to the equipment and how to send en receive data. Nest this data was used in the last assignment, where you had to make a bodeplot of a opamp circuit. The manual with the assignment can be here.

All the documents that were used in this course, along with some other useful documents can be found here.