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Electrical Engineering

As the study association for Electrical Engineering, Scintilla provides additional support for knowledge and components for study needs. For the latter, Scintilla has a special store, the STORES. This store is ran by volunteers and no intentions of making profit. Hence, the prices are ridiculously low.

If you have just bought components from the STORES, but you do not have the right measurement equipment at home, it might be worthwhile to participate during one of the hobby evenings of the SHOCK committee. They open the Westzaal so you can work on your own hobby projects. Additionally, the SHOCK develops hobby projects themselves which also may be interesting to you!

When you aim to improve your (theoretical) knowledge, it could be worth while to read the Vonk. Each edition contains articles on the current development of companies and research groups at the university. It also regularly contains stories about the theses that students have worked on in the past. Finally, you could look at the compendium elektrotechniek for a compact summary of all relevant Electrical Engineering knowledge!