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Next to all the formal, study related, tasks Scintilla also provides numerous leisure activities. We organise drinks, excursions and many other fun activities. All of this is coordinated from the headquarters which we call the Scintilla room. In this room you will likely find the board and other activists working for Scintilla or their studies.

Scintilla has many different committees which each provide different kinds of activities. Take for example De Borrel, they are in charge of drafting beers during drinks. Do not worry, we are not only drinking at our activities. This would be nearly impossible with all of the other activities organised by SCALA or (especially for the freshmen) the Sjaarscie. They provide numerous activities throughout the year ranging from a relaxing movie night to a heated LAN-party.

We want everyone to experience Scintilla activities as soon as possible, which is why we are actively involved in organising the faculty Kick-In which introduces the Electrical Engineering freshmen to the university. If you want to find out about the programme or what you need to bring to the faculty Kick-In, be sure to check out the SKIC page.

Hopefully we can welcome you soon at one of Scintilla's activities!