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The Borrel

Drinks are important to Scintilla on multiple levels. It is a fact that students like beer, but there is also the social aspect to consider. Drinks are an opportunity to make friends and meet people from the EE chairs. Because of this drinks have a high attendence and are part of the core reasons that Scintilla is such a fun association.

The ``Borrel'' is the host of most drinks, whereas the organization changes between the ``Scala'', the board and again the Borrel. At the end of each week there is the VriMiBo, or Friday afternoon drink. This is a useful moment to rewind from a long week of studying and to let of a little steam together with your buddies. Lastly, the Borrel can fascilitate a drink after you succesfully held your BSc or MSc talk.

See you in abscint!

The Borrel



Foto de Borrel ABLV 2017