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E.T.S.V. Scintilla is the study association for electrical engineering. This study association is founded more than 50 years ago, on September 9, 1965. Nowadays the association has about 450 members of which 350 study electrical engineering.

Relaxation and helping electrical engineering students with their study is the main task of Scintilla. This task can be divided in 4 smaller tasks:

  • expanding the practical and theoretical electrotechnical knowledge of the members,
  • attending to the concerns of EE students studying at the University of Twente,
  • favoring the pace of matter of education in electrical engineering,
  • strengthening the mutually ties between the members

which are being realized in the following ways:

  • organizing meetings,
  • assisting with and organizing excursions,
  • to debate with the consultation body.s of the University of Twente in general and the faculty electrical engineering in particular,
  • publishing technical periodicals and promote it.s circulation,
  • maintaining relationships with other student associations,
  • maintaining other relationships of importance.

To accomplish the different tasks mentioned above, various committees are each actively contributing to one of these tasks. To keep the committees running, about 100 members are willing to spend most of their spare time for this purpose. To encourage teamwork in the relationships, the committees do not only work together with other committees of Scintilla but also with other student associations and the faculty. Click here for a complete overview of all the committees.

So the goal of Scintilla is to make her members aware of the different companies in electrical engineering and to prepare them for the working stadium. Obviously, this task is as important for Scintilla as it is for the businesses. Not only for obtaining new personnel, but also for internships.

To make sure the task of Scintilla will be fulfilled, each six months a new policy is mapped out. Concluding: E.T.S.V. Scintilla is a study association governed by EE students for EE students.