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Contact information E.T.S.V. Scintilla

Contact details

For most questions, comments etc. you can contact the board: board[at]scintilla.utwente.nl.

Postal address
E.T.S.V. Scintilla
Universiteit Twente
Zilverling E-204
Postbus 217
7500 AE Enschede

Visitor address
E.T.S.V. Scintilla
Campus Universiteit Twente
Zilverling E-204 (gebouw 11)

Phone: 053 489 2810
Fax: 053 489 1068

Rabobank IBAN: NL91RABO0180445383
KvK: 40074360


Opening hours

ColofonOpening hours of the Scintilla room (SK): 08:30 - 17:30. There are exceptions possible, see the board page. During opening hours at least one member of the board will be present.

Route description

E.T.S.V. Scintilla is located on the campus of the University Twente. A route description can be downloaded here.

Mail addresses


President: president[at]scintilla.utwente.nl
Secretary:  secretaris[at]scintilla.utwente.nl
Treasurer: penningmeester[at]scintilla.utwente.nl
External affairs: extern[at]scintilla.utwente.nl
Internal affairs: intern[at]scintilla.utwente.nl
Educational affairs: onderwijs[at]scintilla.utwente.nl
Books: boeken[at]scintilla.utwente.nl

Candidate board: kandi[at]scintilla.utwente.nl