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Publicaties - Lustrumbook

Where previously the yearbook committee of scintilla made a yearbook every year we now make a lustrumbook every five year.



For who?

The lustrumbook that is made by the SjaCo of E.T.S.V. Scintilla is made for all members of the association. When the lustrumbook is finished and printed, a drink is organised where you can receive your copy of the lustrumbook. The members of the lustrumbook committee will be there and are willing to sign your copy of the lustrumbook. At the drink there is free beer and of course you can take your time to read your lustrumbook. Might you not be able to be there you can always pick up your copy at a later moment in the Scintillakamer.

Content of a lustrumbook

The lustrumbook of Scintilla contains a number of interesting parts. The final lustrumbook won't be written completely by the committee. A lot of different persons are asked to write a part, like (old) board members, active members, teachers and persons from the business. down below you can find a summary of the parts of a lustrum book.

For the preface a prominent person is asked. This could be the Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente or the board director of Electrical Engineering. Most of the time they find it a honor to write this part and this makes this part fun to read.

Without the board Scintilla can't exist. The current board as well as the old boards will tell what they have done in their year as a board.

Without the committees Scintilla isn't as much either. The committees tell in their part what they have organised the past years and what they have done for Scintilla. Most of the time there are photographs from the past activities.

What was it that SAS did again? And what are they researching at ICD at the moment? Teachers of the chairs will explain what they do at their chair. Interesting articles with most of the time pictures explain to you what is happening at the chairs of our study. Interesting to read especially when you have to pick you master.

Other (study) Associations
In this part other study associations will present themselves. The so calles sister associations, other study association for electrical engineering are asked to contribute to our lustrum book. Also other associations from the University of Twente are asked to contribute like Abacus and Inter-Actief. Also Elysium, the association for graduated Electrical Engineers will contribute

 Face Book
The most popular part of the lustrum book is the face book. All members of Scintilla are in this part with a picture. Look for you and your fellow students and see the picture made of you at your Kick-in. If you prefer an other picture you can always ask the committee by sending them an email

And of course many more subjects

Scintilla's Jaarboek Committee 2010/2011.