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Cheklist for the faculty introduction


Below you’ll find a list of things you must take with you to the camp.


  •         Proper bicycle
  •          Air mattress
  •          Sleeping bag
  •          Toiletries
  •          Toothbrush, toothpaste
  •          Rainwear
  •          Clothes which may (read: will) get dirty (also shoes)
  •          Swimwear, bath towel
  •  Don't forget a working bicycle
  •          Towels
  •          Plate, cutlery and cup (there will be no extra)
  •          Proper bicycle
  •          Tire repair kit
  •          Flashlight (with working batteries)
  •          Cash money (there are no ATMs at the camp site!)
  •          ID card
  •          Sunblock
  •          Yourself & a very good mood

Things that can be useful, but are not necessary:

·       Playing cards

·       Glasses, contact lenses (spare ones)

But be careful, we will go by bike to the camp location! Make sure you can take your own stuff with you.