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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For which part of the Kick-In did I need bike?

For the study related Kick-In a bike is mandatory to bike to camp, for the rest of the Kick-In it is strongly recommended.

Do I need to be in Enschede everyday of the Kick-in?

There is no presence duty so if you really want it is possible to skip a day and stay home.

Do I need to enrol separately for the study related Kick-In?

Yes, you need to enrol separately for the study related Kick-in on the Kick-In.nl. However, you can choose to only enroll for the study related Kick-In, but we encourage you to also participate in the general Kick-In.

What is the difference between the study related programme and the general programme?

The general Kick-In is for the whole university and you will get to know the campus, the city of Enschede, as well as all sorts of sport and performing arts associations, student societies and student life in Enschede. The study related programme, is only with your fellow electrical engineering students and you will get to know them and receive important information about electrical engineering.

How can I get a bike?

If you do not own a bike yet you can rent a bike for instance at your local bike shop or a rent a swap-fiets. There is also an option to buy a used or new bike a good place to look for used bikes is marktplaats.nl.

Is the program different due corona?

We will always follow the rules of the Dutch government to ensure safety for all participants and crew. Which programme we will follow is dependent if the 1.5 meter rule still holds. If there is no obligation for 1.5 meter we will go on a camp, if there is a 1.5 meter distance requirement we will shift to an on-campus programme or if the situation requires an online programme. For the most up to date programme visit: https://www.kick-in.nl/nl/program.

Do I need to partake in the studie related Kick-In?

No, but this is highly recommended because you will meet most of your fellow electrical engineering students, get some study related materials and learn more about the study and Scintilla.

Where does the Kick-In take place?

As of right now the Kick-In will take place physically on the grounds of the university, the city of Enschede and sometimes neighboring villages. The camp location will remain a secret but it is a one hour bike ride.

What if I can not bike due to an injury or disability?

If due to special circumstances you are unable to ride a bike for a longer distance, you can drive with the organization to the camp location. You can request to drive along by asking someone of the scintilla Kick-In commission during the do-group market on the first day of the Kick-In or sending an email to skic@scintilla.utwente.nl.

What if I am disabled or have a medical condition that should be taken into account

Please contact us at skic@scintilla.utwente.nl so we can take this into account.

What is Scintilla?

E.T.S.V. Scintilla is the study association of electrical engineering, Scintilla is here to help you with your study. With Scintilla you can get your books cheaper, you can get free coffee in the brake and buy electronics at the STORES. Scintilla also organises plenty of fun activities.

What do I need to bring to camp?

We compiled a checklist for what to bring.

Question not on the list?

If you question is not on the list above please sent a email to skic@scintilla.utwente.nl.