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On this page we try to keep a complete overview of all the regulations that are important for electrical engineering students (and possibly other study branches). If you discover a link that does not work or if there is an important regulation missing, please send an e-mail to StOEL.  StOEL.

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Regulations: OER, Exams, Transition regulation, Financial,... On this website you can find the regulations that are the most important for EE students. Especially the OER and Student by-laws are important, since most rights and obligations can be found there.
Grants and scholarships
On this page you will find some important financial arrangements that you can apply for as a student. The graduation support (Fobos). Make sure to write to the bureau of student counsellors before you apply for a grant.
Regulations and procedures
On this website you can find other regulations for example the third examination rule and the BSc/MSc separation.
Programme guide EE Bachelor
This document is a summary of all rules that are important for you. Every year there will be a new version of this documents. The document of the year you start in applies for you plus all the newer rules that work in your favour.
As if there aren’t enough rules already, there are also rules for the student grant. Do you want to know how much compensation you receive, how much you owe the government or how to get a loan from DUO? Then check this website.
Rights and obligations
On this page you can find the rights and obligations of students.