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Scintilla's Activiteiten

Op deze pagina zie je een overzicht van de aankomende activiteiten, met, indien van toepassing, een mogelijkheid om je daarvoor in te schrijven.

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Sympo interest lunch

dinsdag 16 juni 2020 12:45, Scintilla Discord [Sympo]

I want to:

✅ Organize a great event

✅ Contact and negotiate with companies

✅ Spend lots of money

Then the Sympo committee has an awesome opportunity for you. Due to the cancellation of the symposium in May, we are looking for enthusiasts to advance and finish what we started. What is a symposium I can hear you ask? It’s a day full of:

- Interesting lectures/demo's/cases by companies 

- A networking drink

- Delicious lunch and dinner

- Anything awesome that you can think of

Are you mildly interested, want more information or do you have any questions? Join the session on Discord.

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