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Scintilla's Activiteiten

Op deze pagina zie je een overzicht van de aankomende activiteiten, met, indien van toepassing, een mogelijkheid om je daarvoor in te schrijven.

De iCal en RSS feeds zijn geheel bovenaan, links boven het Scintillalogo, te vinden.


NASA Space Apps Challenge

zaterdag 03 oktober 2020 10:00, Online (exact arrangement will be available later) [Space Society Twente]

Join us the weekend of Oct 3-4, 2020 to tackle the most exciting multidisciplinary space challenges, work with real NASA data, and meet with experts from the aerospace industry!


Collaborate with other space enthusiasts, engineers, designers, programmers, and students from all kinds of disciplines to develop world-changing solutions. Present your solution, ideas, stories, product or business case after 24 hours to a professional jury for a chance to win local awards and proceed to the international competition round!


Attendance is free and open to anyone, no matter the age or skill level!

This event is co-hosted by NVR, Luar Zebro and Circle of Sustainable Europe.

For more information and registration, check out the website: spaceapps.nl

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