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Op deze pagina zie je een overzicht van de aankomende activiteiten, met, indien van toepassing, een mogelijkheid om je daarvoor in te schrijven.

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[ADJUSTED] Lunchlecture ASML

dinsdag 21 december 2021 12:40, Online [LEX]

ASML Poster

Together with ASML Engineer Peter Bijleveld we’ll dive into the world of chips, where you can find them, but more important, how they are made! With 28.000 employees, a lot of people are contributing to the success of ASML and are working on challenges that come with pushing boundaries of physics on a daily base. Ensuring the functionality and quality of the electronical cabinets from our suppliers is one of the challenges that Peter and his team are constantly working on. Which challenges can you face as an electrical engineering generalist or specialist within ASML?
Join the ASML lunch lecture on December 21st to find out about Peter’s experience as a Supplier Quality Engineer!

Due to the new COVID-19 measures the lecture will be online on the following teams environment:

Click here to join the meeting

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