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Tom Dooley

Vorig lied
99 Bottles of beer on the wall
Katern IV pagina 18
Volgend lied
Molly Malone


Hang your head Tom Dooley, hang your head and cry.
Killed poor Laura Foster, you known you’re bound to die!

You took her on the hillside, as God almighty knows.
You took her on the hillside and there you hid her clothes.

You took her by the roadside, begged to be excused.
Took her by the roadside, where there you hid her shoes.


Took her on the hillside, to make her your wife.
Took her on the hillside, where there you took her life.

Take down my old violin and play it as you please.
At this time tomorrow, it’ll be no use to me.


I dug her grave four feet long and dug it three feet deep.
And threw the old clay over her and tramped it with my feet.

This world and one more, then where’d you reckon I’d be.
If it hadn’t been for Grayson, I’d been in Tennessee.