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Jerking off in silence

Vorig lied
I put my hand upon her toe
Katern IX pagina 21
Volgend lied
Yogi Bear

Hello penis, my old friend,
I've come to play with you again.
When those wet dreams come a-creeping,
I spurt my seeds while I am sleeping
and with your helmet firmly planted in my hand,
it will expand, while jerking off in silence.

In horny dreams I get a bone,
I beat off on cobble stones.
Beneath the halo of a street lamp,
I see a whore who's getting very damp.
For five hundred Baht in a flash she's on her back,
she spreads her crack and twitches her twat in silence.

Those who see and do not know,
how to make my penis grow.
I whipped you out so she might eat you,
I stuffed you up into her pussy spew
and then my sperm, like silent raindrops fell
and turned to gel while jerking off in silence.

And the ants came out and played
in the fucking mess I'd made,
but in heeding daddy's warning
that mum would find it in the morning,
so I rolled out of bed and wiped it up with my shirt,
God, what a squirt! Jerking off in silence.