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Extern - Afstudeerstage Smart Buildings

Wat zijn de ontwikkelingen binnen “smart” buildings, en hoe kunnen we daarop inspelen?

Extern - Internship/thesis: Software Defined Radio Development and applications

During your assignment you will be involved in the research and development aimed at innovations in the surveillance of the radio spectrum. With the rise of Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, radio functionality and digital signal processing capabilities come available which creates opportunities for further development and applications.

Extern - procesoptimalisatie bij Benchmark

Ben jij bezig met je technische studie? Ben je nog op zoek naar een gave bijbaan? Ga aan de slag bij Benchmark Electronics.

Bestuur - Soft- and hardware development project, student level

For a joint project between LocSense and the University of Twente, the BIOS Lab-on-a-Chip chair is looking for a student-assistant for soft- and hardware development.
Focus of the project is to characterize an existing prototype of a device to monitor the quality of cell cultures via electrical detection.

The project is focused in particular on the interfacing between the detector and the cell culture. Tasks include:
- Characterization and revision of the current design
- Controlling the device through SPI (Arduino)