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Research project
Once a new technology has been invented it goes through several stages of adoption. The stage called "emerging" is when a technology starts to become succesful. We will extensively study emerging technologies for both the Canadian and Dutch situation. For example on the macro-level (society and industry in general), the meso-level (several sectors in the area of Electrical Engineering) and the micro-level (individual companies).

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Study tour
Since one cannot find everything in literature like books, articles and the internet, a three-week study tour to Canada is scheduled in June 2007. There we will visit companies, universities and insititutes to take a look at some leading-edge technology and see to see how people deal with emerging technologies. Moreover, we are very curious to see, feel and undergo all of the culture and the ambience in Canada. We hope that the research project is a good preparation to understand the implementation of technologies in the industry. But still the study-tour could be a real eye-opener.

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Contract research
Moreover, it is compulsory for every participant to do contract research to raise some funds for the project. A contract research is an assignment or project for a third party (which can be a company, institute, faculty etcetera) in a fixed amount of time (120 hours in principle). This research can also be awarded study points.

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Results of the contract research and research project will be published in two reports, one published before the tour and a final report in december 2007.

Other parts of the project include excursions to companies in The Netherlands and social activities that make sure that the group of participants have a great time together, which is –after all- one of the most important things!

Canada is globally recognized for its outstanding quality of life, progressive political environment and remarkable cultural diversity. Excellent services, modern amenities and friendly people. But also a country completely different from the United States, inhibiting highly develop commucation industry and not a casual country for a study-tour.