Elfbierentocht (Eleven Beers Tour)

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Date and time
Jun 2, 2022 16:00 - 22:00
Abscint, MBasement, TAP, Technobar, Beneden Peil & Diepzat

On the 2nd of June, the legendary 'Elfbierentocht' (Eleven beers tour) will take place. This is the biggest campus pub crawl where you visit all the drinking rooms of the study associations and end in the Vestingbar. For just eleven euros you will get, as the name suggests, eleven beers. For just five euros more, you get unlimited food at the end of the pub crawl.

Defy this bizarre tour together with your friends and claim the coveted eleven beer tour medal!


What is the eleven beers tour?

The eleven beers tour is organized by students of several study associations. During the tour, you will visit all bars owned by study associations: the Abscint, MBasement, TAP, Technobar, Beneden Peil, and Diepzat. In each room, you can enjoy one or two drinks after which you can collect your eleventh beer in the Vestingbar. If you enrolled for food, you will receive unlimited fries and snacks at one of the two fries carts. The after-party will take place in the Vestingbar. See you there!


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