The information is divided into four categories:

Mental Health
Personal Development
Social Contact & Community


Information regarding educational support can be found on this page: Educational support Scintilla.

If your health has an impact on your study progress, you should inform the study adviser. This adviser can arrange extra facilities, rearrange your study schedule and refer you to the student counsellor, courses and a student psychologist. Conversations with the study adviser are confidential.

Well-being page of the University of Twente
Cannot find the information you are looking for or want to check the website of the UT first?
Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling has its own well-being page as well. This is the link: www.utwente.nl/student-wellbeing

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct for acceptable and unacceptable behaviour is established by the University of Twente. The latest version can be found on this webpage.