Partnership (for companies)

The Elektrotechnische Studievereniging Scintilla (Electrotechnical Study Association Scintilla) consists of approximately 700 members, of which over 450 are students in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science or a Master of Science title in the field of Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. De association defends the interests of the Electrical Engineering students, by organising education related activities (such as excursions, lectures, etc.), but also organises not education related activities, for instance drinks, sport activities and workshops.

To finance the activities of Scintilla, the association enters into partnerships with companies. This cooperation mainly consists of promotion related activities, such as advertisements in our around the association room, advertorials in our online periodical and company profiles on this website. Next to this, companies are also invited to give lectures during the lunch break or organise excursions together with Scintilla.

For more information about partnerships with companies, please contact our Commissioner for External Affairs through or through one of the other contact possibilities.