Confidential Contact Persons

Peter Kingma

Gregory Ward


Hi! I'm Peter Kingma, a 24 year old student, living in the city centre. I'm active within Scintilla, especially the Borrel and SKItilla, and I can be found on the afternoon drinks more often than not. Besides this, I still play soccer back home in Deventer every sunday, and when it gets colder, ice skating and skiing is my focus. And when some free time appears, I like to fill it with the general hobby of electronics, a bit of programming and a game of Factorio or similar. I see the importance of being able to talk about something confidentially, already just to get it off of one's chest. I'm open to anything, and as we all need a coffee or tea (or anything for that matter), let's spend one together! 


Heya, I am Greg! I am an English Austrian who is residing in the Netherlands for his 3rd year now! I am 22 and feeling older with each passing year. I was raised in the English countryside in a multicultural house. Hence, I bring the best parts of the two countries to the table! I am a bachelor’s student of Electrical Engineering in my final year. I love the challenges that are brought along by Engineering and hold a huge passion for Robotics.

I am a sociable, chatty person who enjoys catching up with friends over a pot of tea. I love reading and nature; classic literature next to a secluded river is my kind of paradise. I am a lover of animals: dogs especially. I have a border collie back home named Levi. I do miss him every day, but he (aside from my family) is always bringing me back home when I can.

I am a lover of sports training Jiu-Jitsu as a member of V.A.S Arashi. I also train at Tim’s Kickbocksen in Hengelo. Running is also another constant in my life. I just love to move!

I am open-minded and know the importance of speaking my mind. I also hold integrity and honesty in very high regard. I do not have a particular conversational style as I understand that everyone is different. I will go at your pace. If you need me, please ask. I am only one message away. We can meet up and chat, go on a walk or grab a cup of tea (yes I do really like tea) any time you need.