Censores Cantus Scintillae

This page was created for members of E.T.S.V. Scintilla to get familiar with the ‘Cantus’ phenomenon.  Besides the high beer consumption, the Cantus Scintillae also has a big social aspect. This means that the Cantus Senate and the participants (the ‘corona’) ensure that everyone observes  the Cantus regulations.  When caught breaking these regulations, it is very well possible to be punished in a suitable fashion. Of course, a variety of songs will be sung during the Cantus.

As not all songs are known to everybody, especially the melodies, this page is a means to give everyone the possibility to listen to, and study some sound recordings of songs in the Codex, prior to singing  them at a Cantus Scintillae. (If you are unsure about either the melody or the text of a song, don’t hesitate to contact either the Scintilla board; or a member of the Censores Cantus Scintillae.

We wish you a lot of fun preparing for your upcoming Cantus Scintillae.


In 1987, a delegation of Scintillians was present at a cantus in Leuven (Belgium).  They were so impressed by this event that they decided to organise the singing and drinking fest for Scintilla. A hefty discussion later, regarding the question whether this somewhat fraternal event matched a study association like Scintilla, a part of the Scintillians that visited Leuven carried on with the organisation. The very first Cantus Scintillae was during the introduction camp of 1989. A lot of Cantus have taken place since then, which were all greeted with great enthusiasm by the participants. We are sure that many more Cantus will follow.