Governmental Agency

During your study you will probably come in contact with the government. On this page there are a few agencies listed who might be important. Note, these pages might be in Dutch. If you need help understanding these pages you can always go the Scintilla room and ask for help.

Ministery of Education, Culture and Science


The ministery is responsible for the education in the Netherlands. It makes and changes rules that are used in educational agency. On of their rules is the so called BSA (binding study advise).

There are a few agencies which support the ministery:

  • Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)
    DUO is the executive organization from the ministery of edcucation. DUO finances and informs students, teachers and educational suppliers.

  • Inspectie van het Onderwijs
    On this page you find the education report and inspection reports from the national inspection service.

  • Onderwijsraad
    The educational council is an independant advice agency founded in 1919. This agency advises the gouvernment, wanted and unwanted, about rules and regulations regarding education.

The current minister of Education, Culture and Science is Robbert Dijkgraaf.