Mental Health

Psychological Health

Confidential Contact Person (CCP)

A Confidential Contact Person is a peer listener who is available for students who encounter struggles within the university and outside the university. The CCP will listen and help students find the next best step and whom to contact if necessary. This function is fulfilled by students with specific training. Everything that will be shared will stay confidential between the student and the peer listener.
More information regarding these peer listeners is on this webpage of the university.

Student Counsellor
You can talk to a student counsellor for information and independent advice on topics related to your studies and personal situation. More information can be found on this webpage.

Canvas page Well-Being

The student psychologists created a Well-Being Canvas page to share more information regarding:

  • Individual treatment, groups & training that the student psychologists are offering
  • Looking after yourself to help and support yourself 
  • Looking after others to support a friend, family member or fellow student
  • Effective study skills

This is the link to the Canvas Well-Being page

Students Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)

You can contact this department of the UT for information and advice regarding your rights and obligations, studying with personal circumstances, finances, coaching and facilities during your studies. Experts will help find you suitable support. Contact information and more can be found on this webpage. You can also make an appointment with a student psychologist or a career counsellor via this webpage

Confidential support line regarding anything
Call or text for free and confidentially about anything you want to a trained volunteer between 14:00-22:00 every day. This is the website to the 'Alles Ok√©?' (Everything Okay?) support line.

Addiction & Harassment

Confidential adviser
You can talk to a confidential adviser for support when you have to deal with unacceptable behaviour such as intimidation, discrimination, harassment, bullying and stalking. More information can be found on this webpage. You can find more information regarding complaints and disputes as well.

Sexual Assault Centre (Centrum Seksueel Geweld)

At this centre, a team of doctors, nurses, police officers, psychologists, social workers and sex therapists work together to provide specialist care to victims of sexual assault and rape. 
You can call this centre 24 hours a day for free.
Information on how to support someone regarding this subject is included as well.


Sense is a reliable site about sex.
You will find a lot of information about sexuality, but also about infatuation, relationships, love and everything that comes with it. The website sense is made by the Dutch government and the GGD (public health services). 
You can also ask for more information & advice by chat, call or mail. It is possible to make an appointment with a health professional or Sense counsellor on this site. 

Trimbos sites: alcohol, smoking, drugs and gaming

Trimbos focuses on improving mental health and well-being. They have some websites for more information about alcohol, smokingdrugs and gaming. Unfortunately, these websites are only available in Dutch.