Educational Information

On this page we try to gather a complete list of all rules and regulations which might be important for you as a student of EE (or possible other studies). If a link is broken or if you think we are missing a link please send a mail to STUDI. Note: some of the links might be Dutch.

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Rules: EER, Exams, Transistion, Financial,...

On this page the most important rules for students are stated. Especially the Examination Regulations (EER) and the Rules and Guidelines R&G are important since these contain your rights and regulations.

Scholarships and grants

On this page a few important financial arrangements can be found which might be useful as a student. Keep in mind that you first need to consult the study adviser before you apply for a grant.

Arrangement and procedures

On this page a few possible useful arrangements and procedures can be found.

Studyguide Electrical Engineering

This page contains a summary of all rules which are important for you. This page is updated every year. The one which is most important for you is is the guide from the year in which you started the study program.


This page contains rules and information concerning the student loan. This page is only in Dutch.