Social Contact & Community

Study Association

Do you want to get in contact with your fellow bachelor or master students? At Scintilla you can find them hanging around taking a study break or having a snack.

The association room of Scintilla is open every workday from 8:30 a.m. till 18 p.m. and can be found on the balcony in EducafĂ©. You can get free coffee, tea, lemonade, fruit, notebooks, pens and stickers as a member! There are working places in the association room as well.
You can ask the board if you want to register as a member. These people can be found in and around the association room. 

Scintilla organises social activities every week for members. Feel free to take part in these! You can find all upcoming activities on the activity page
Please be aware that some activities work with enrollment via the Scintilla site. You never have to enrol for lunch lectures and regular drinks.

Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling

You can contact this department of the UT for information and advice regarding your rights and obligations, studying with personal circumstances, finances, coaching and facilities during your studies. Experts will help find you suitable support. Contact information and more can be found on this webpage. You can also make an appointment with a student psychologist or a career counsellor via this webpage

Facilities & Support International students

The Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme is run by the International Student Organisation ESN Twente and the Student Union. Students will be matched to buddies who are students with experience living in the Netherlands. Buddies will share their experiences. Fun events will be held in this programme where the students can easily make friends with their buddies.

World associations

There are different world associations in Twente.
There is ESN Twente which is an international student organisation that offers its services to students. They offer guidance and provide information to students.
Furthermore, at International Christian Fellowship-Enschede (ICF-E) and the Enschede Muslim Student Association (EMSA) students can come in contact with other students sharing the same religion.

Some associations are especially for students from different countries or continents:

  • ISA: Indian student organisation
  • LA Voz: Latin American student association
  • SUUT: Surinamese student association
  • AFRISA: African International Student Association
  • RSA: Romanian Student Association
  • PPI Enschede: Indonesian Student Association Enschede
  • ESO Twente: Eurasian Student Organisation
  • ACSSE: Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Enschede

Culture, sport, social, business and other associations can be found on this webpage of the Student Union.

LGBTQIA+ Community

Exaltio is an LGBTQ+ association for adolescents and students in Enschede. The association aims to create a safe environment for adolescents and students in Twente. 
Th!nk with Pride is a platform at the UT to promote queer visibility, equity and inclusion in the university.

A neurodiverse community for students

Andy stands for A Neurodiverse Do-It-Yourself community. Their platform is built by and for neurodiverse students to make connections with like-minded individuals.