Exam Database

Link to Exam Database

Scintilla maintains an exam database of all the modules and courses within the Electrical Engineering Bachelor and Master. We attempt to keep it as up to date as possible, but we need your help! Do you have an exam? Please hand it in.

Handing in and the lottery

As you might expect we would like to receive the exams as soon as possible. You have the possibility to hand it in physically or via the mail: tentamenbank@scintilla.utwente.nl. Physically can be done by delivering it to a random board member or to put it in the post box called ‘Tentamenbank’. The Commissioner of Educational Affairs will make sure you get your lottery tickets (winners will be announced at the end of the academic year) and/or borrel coins (get a free drink at a Scintilla borrel).

The reward

To compensate for the hard but most important work of handing in exams, a reward will be given if the following requirements are met:

- Are you the first with an exam? You get a borrel coin and a lottery ticket.
- Do you bring a solution with the exam? You get another borrel coin!
- Do you hand in the exam within 24 hours, after the exam was already handed in? You get a lottery ticket, however you do not receive a borrel coin.
- To acquire borrel coins or lottery tickets the exam may not be older than 2 years.

Explanation exam database

- Pre-TEM (Twente Educational Model) consists out of all the exams before TEM. Therefore the exams are already a bit older, but there may be material still relevant to the current courses in TEM.  
- Module 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-11 are exams that are handed in within TEM.
- Note that sometimes courses change a bit over the years. Subjects may be left out or added.
- The most recent version exam database can be found using this link.