Study-related Kick-In
Besides the general Kick-In of the university itself, you can experience an even better study-related programme, completely created for you and your fellow Electrical Engineering students by Scintilla’s Kick-In Committee (SKIC) 2022.  The study-related programme runs from the 29th of August till the 31st of august and starts at the O&O square on campus. The study-related Kick-In will consist of some important study information, and a fun camp full of activities.

On the morning of Monday the 29th of august some important information is given. You will meet the study association Scintilla. Scintilla is the study association of Electrical Engineering. They provide free coffee and discount on study books, help with your study and take care of (non-)related activities after study hours. After this you will get info about what to do to prepare for your first days of studying and about ordering the books for the first quartile.

Moving on to the second part of your study-related programme, the camp! During this camp you will get to know other fellow Electrical Engineering students from other do groups, the board members and traditions of Scintilla. All while enjoying a bunch of fun activities. The journey to the camp will be done on bicycles, so make sure you have one. This is very important, make sure your bike is in good condition. Below you can see a small list of things you will want to pack.
•    Sleeping bag
•    Air mattress
•    Your toiletries
•    An extra pair of clothes
•    Swimming clothes
•    Sports clothes
•    A towel
•    Some money for drinks
•    A Plate, cup and cutlery
•    A bike (again)

The camp will run from the afternoon of the 29th to the morning of the 31st and the total costs for the Study-related programme are €25-.