Excursion Tennet

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Date and time
May 27, 2024 10:45 - 18:15
Spiegel + Arnhem

Excursion Tennet

Come with us to TenneT! Tennet is a national grid operator in the Netherlands and a huge work provider for electrical engineers. At this inhouse day, you will solve a case that engineers at TenneT have faced.

Practical information:

  • Assemble at 10.45 at the Spiegel and the bus will leave at 11.00
  • Arrive at Tennet around 12.30
  • Return at 17.00
  • Arrive back at Uni around 18.15
  • We go to Arnhem
  • Lunch!
  • Take your ID with you to sign in to the premises
  • Your first and last name will be shared with TenneT to get a permit

At TenneT, it's about more than just knowing all the technical ins and outs. During this case study, employees of TenneT will tell you all about the company and their experiences with internships, graduation projects, and the International Trainee Program. Then, we'll delve into the content of the North Sea Wind Power Hub program and present the consortium's vision to achieve the goals of Paris 2050. After the introduction, your creativity will be tested as you solve a complex problem from various angles: where and how do we build a hub in the Dutch North Sea? Which techniques are cost-optimal, and which landing points do we use? How do we take nature into account? Is the market ready, and are there enough people and resources available? Sign up and get an impression of the complex world of energy transition at TenneT!


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