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9 Feb 2024 16:00 - 11 Mar 2024 12:00

Sign up for the SHOCK nixie clock kit, each kit consists out of 2 nixie tubes. For a full nixie clock you will thus need 1 (the two digits will alternate between hours, minutes and seconds in a readable way), 2 (without seconds) or 3 kits (with seconds), each ticket corresponds to 1 kit. A 2 digit nixie clock will most likely cost a maximum of 25 euros, a 4 digit nixie clock a maximum of 35 euros and a 6 digit nixie clock a maximum of 50 euros. These prices are quite high since we don´t know exactly how much the nixie tubes will cost yet. Furthermore we have wooden boxes avaible for the 4 digit nixie clock, these will cost approximately 2 euros.

After the sign up has closed, the nixies will be orderd. Once the nixies have arrived, which will take 1 or 2 months, there will be a hobby evening where you can solder them in the westzaal. If you cannot make it to this evening you can always of course solder at home, with the provided instructions. Please take into account that this is not a regular interest list meaning that we do expect you to buy your kits once the components have arrived, because they are relatively expensive, but we will let you know the actual price before ordering so that you can still sign out if you want. Soldering the kit does require medium expertise in soldering, since a lot of small SMD components are used (the finest pitch IC footprint being TSSOP16).

Nixie tubes were used before VFDs or LCDs to make electric digital displays in multimeters for example. They work by ionizing a noble gas inside a sealed tube and give off a nice incandescent like glow. The electodes are then shaped like numbers, so it can be used as a display. We are using IN-1 nixie tubes.

There is LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE, and you can only buy 10 kits per person for now (meaning five 2 digit clocks or three 3 digit clocks for example).



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