Open Embroidery Evening

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Date and time
Jun 23, 2022 16:00 - 22:00
Scintilla Room

Do you want to embroid any figure on any garment, come to the open embroidery evening. You can put a scintilla logo on your hat or a resistor on your pants, or anything else. Choose from every colour of the rainbow to embroid your fantasies on your clothing.

Due to the limited time only small embroideries are allowed, with at most 4 colors. Or 1 big logo, in 1 color with little infill. There are some pre-created logo’s, for instance the scintilla logo, Kierewiet, a snowman, names and much more. If you have a custom logo please have it ready as a vector file (.svg) and come earlier. Standard price is €1,- or €2,- for use of fancy gold and/or silver thread. It will take place in the scintilla room.  

You can reserve a spot using the site below:, if the machine is not used during the reservation other people can use it. After 19:30 it is on a first come first serve arrangement. And if you need to wait, you can also join the drink downstairs.


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