The Picasso Sangria Drink

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De Borrel
Date and time
Oct 6, 2022 16:00 - 23:00

The Picasso Sangria Drink

On the 6 of October another theme drink will be organised. Feel welcomed in a cosy warm spanish vibe, while enjoying a nice glass of sangria (or another drink). We all know that Spain knew a lot of talented painters, one of them is Pablo Picasso. There is a theory that art skills will improve with a little more creativity of sangria (or another drink). During this amazing theme drink you can prove this theory by execution (or prove the opposite).

Since it can get really hot in Spain, this drink can become really hot (and therefore dangerous) as well. To assure that nobody will get a sunburn, SKItilla will cool you off with a talk about the exciting skitrip they are organising! Moreover, the SCEER (Scintilla's Committee for EE Eating Regulars) will cook at this drink, you can sign up for this and the costs will be max €5,-. 


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