3T electronics & embedded systems

3T electronics & embedded systems

3T electronics & embedded systems
3T is a leading and complete developer of electronics and embedded systems. With a versatile team of 45 employees, we are one of the larger providers in the Netherlands. 3T has offices in Enschede and Eindhoven.

3T develops and supplies custom electronics and embedded systems. These systems and electronics are critical components for our customers' products. We unburden the customer and offer optimum convenience because we can also completely take care of the production and supply. 3T stands for quality, knowledge, continuity and open, clear communication.

Product development
3T is responsible for product development on behalf of its customers. 3T does not have its own products, 3T only produces on order. Due to a great diversity of customers, the assignments vary from precise analog to complex digital systems. Especially the combination of very solid analog electronics and a digital embedded interface can often be found at 3T.

A project team is put together from a pool of engineers for each project, in this way the best team is put together for a project, so that customers benefit optimally from the knowledge available within 3T.

For the engineers, this means a great variety of projects. Working in varying project teams offers the engineer the opportunity to master the extensive knowledge available at 3T and to participate at the highest level.

Vacancies are regularly posted on the 3T website, but open applications will also be carefully examined. There are opportunities for internship and graduation assignments within 3T.

Electronics: complete system design, accurate analog, power electronics, complex digital embedded systems
Firmware/Software: FPGAs, microcontrollers, processors, CPLDs, using e.g. VHDL, C but also (embedded) Linux and LabVIEW for measurement & test systems

Are you interested in a job at 3T, but would you like to take a look around our company first? Please contact us and we will gladly show you around.

Contact us:
Email address: mail@3t.nl
telephone number: 053 433 66 33

3T has set itself the goal of regularly organizing electronics-oriented course afternoons together with Scintilla. These 'courses' are focused on practice and on things that you will not encounter during your studies, but where you will learn a lot.