Thales Nederland is active in the Defence, Security and Public Transportation sectors. With more than 1.900 employees, Thales is a top provider of high-tech jobs. Safety and Security are our main priorities when we do business. Product innovation and swift anticipation of the newest technological possibilities are the mainsprings of our business. Examples are radar-, communication- and command & control systems for Defence. Furthermore we deliver communication-, security- and payment systems for trade and industry. Thales Nederland is part of the Thales Group, which has a workforce of 68.000 in more than 50 countries, of whom 22.000 are working in the Research and Development sector. This makes it one of Europe's largest electronics companies.

In the Netherlands our Corporate head office is located in Hengelo (+/- 1500 employees). Since 1922 the plant in Hengelo is a worldwide leader in the latest and most innovative radar technologies and radar systems for naval ships. Besides our plant in Hengelo, Thales Nederland is located and specialised in:
Hengelo, our Corporate head office is located here (+/- 1500 employees)

  • Huizen, Thales Land Defence, Cyber Security and Thales Transportation Systems (+/- 250 employees). The core business in Huizen involves communication systems/ networks, optronic systems, solutions for cyber security and installation and maintenance on electronic fare systems for public transport.
  • Delft, this R&D lab is built near the TU Delft and is specialised in the research of radar technology and radar systems (+/- 25 employees).
  • Eindhoven, Thales Cryogenics (+/- 90 employees). We develop and fabricate cooling systems for cameras which are used for military and civil applications.
  • Enschede, T-Xchange (+/- 20 employees). This R&D lab started in cooperation with the University of Twente and specialises in Serious Gaming.

Within Thales Nederland there are numerous possibilities for engineers to develop themselves in a technical as well as in an international environment. We have about 12 job families from where you can build your career and switch to one another if your interests and capabilities are changing during your employment at Thales.

Are you interested in the technical depth of various cutting edge technologies and would you like to contribute to our specific fields of expertise in Defence and Civil solutions, then you are more than welcome to join our team, Thales can help you to become a technical specialist on a very high level. Would you like to experience other fields of expertise within Thales, you can, for instance, become a generalist in an international environment where you can combine your technical and commercial skills.

Every year we have up till 100 interesting and challenging internships and graduations assignments in different fields of work.

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