Study Tour October 2023 Info and Application

Scintilla is planning to go on a Study Tour again in October 2023. During this Study tour a lot of interesting companies and universities in a foreign country will be visited and it's culture will be explored. Leading up to the Study Tour is a year of preparation where each participant takes part in organization and taking cases for companies, which leads to a lot of working experience.

What is a Study Tour?

A Study Tour is a three week long trip to explore a foreign country and see how Electrical Engineering is relevant there.  This three week visit is filled with University visits, company visits and cultural activities. As a participant you arrange funding through cases & sponsoring and you organize part of the tour through committee work.

During the trip and the year leading up to it you gain experience with organizing a big international trip, working together in a big group of students, working for companies and new cultures & work environments.


The Destination is South Korea, although which parts will be visited still needs to be determined by the participants themselves.




April 2022


18th of April 2022

Deadline of application

25, 26, (27), 28 April 2022


Halfway June

Forming committees

July 2022 – August 2023

Working on committee tasks and cases

March 2023

Expected go/no go

October 2023

Study Tour!

November – December 2023

Finishing up



There are some costs connected to the study trip. From the participant there is expected:



Chance of refund


(+/-) €250

At sign-up


Travel & early costs

(+/-) €250

Few weeks/months before the trip

Goal is to spend all, but possibly small refund

Cultural & others

(+/-) €250

After the trip when necessary

Refunded when not necessary

Unforeseen costs


Next to this the study tour gets some money for each participant. The study tour gets around €300 per participant of subsidy from the University, if the participant hasn’t received study tour subsidy before and is within nominal + 1 years of their study. The study tour also earns money from the cases the participants do.


The study tour is organized by all the participants themselves. This is done by a central supporting board making sure everything is going as planned and 4 committees. The 4 committees are:

  • Admin: creates the budget, overview of expenses and keeps track of the bank account
  • Acquisition: contact with companies, arranges cases
  • Graphics: creates website, brochure/folder, design theme
  • Travel: arranges transport, accommodation, travel schedules, cultural activities


To participate there are a few requirements:

  • Participant must have >90 ECTS before applying
  • Participant must be a fulltime student of a study linked to Scintilla in October 2023
  • Participant must be willing to put in time and effort for:
    • Committee work
    • Case studies

Sign-up procedure

The sign-up deadline is the 18th of April. To apply you have to send your CV and motivation letter (incl. ECTS) to . The interviews will be 25th, 26th , (27th ) and 28th of April. The first activity will be the 3rd of June, so save the date if you plan to apply.


If you have any questions about the procedure, the preparation or the trip you can email


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