VAUXHALL committee rebranded to TESLA

VAUXHALL committee rebranded to TESLA

The lecturer awards have been a thing in Scintilla for years, it is a token of appreciation to the staff of the university that try to ensure the best education to our students. Scintilla's committee organising this event was established in 2000 under the (Dutch) name OPEL: Onderwijs Prijs Elektrotechniek. When the university main language switched to English, the decision was made to rebrand the committee name to the English brand name of Opel: VAUXHALL, which stands for Valuable Award for University’s most Experienced, Helpful and Lustrous Lecturers.

This year, the committee has decided to yet again move with the times and rebrand the committee one more time. As of this year, the lecturer award committee is known as TESLA: the Talented, Encouraging and Splendid Lecturer Award.

On March 30th, the lecturer award will yet again be rewarded to the teacher giving the best 'Personal Touch' to their teachings. Find out who is worthy of winning the first TESLA award during the award ceremony.


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